How to do your own gel nails and save money

gel nails

Hello there, dear ladies. We all love seeing perfect nails, not to mention how happy and pretty we feel when our nails get some new fresh out of saloon look. Nice nails are synonym of femininity nowadays and having some gorgeous nail art applied on your beautiful nails costs a lot of money. So here is a solution: apply nail gel yourself and have some amazing looking nails without having to go to the salon. You can get all the gel nails products at one of my favorite stores The procedure is easy and all you need to do is follow these steps. Once mastered your friends are gonna start asking you if you can take care of their nails too. For hair products visit So, ladies, here are the steps:

What you will need: soak off nail polish, cleanser, Ph bond, foundation gel, top it off gel sealer, nourish cuticle oil and mini light. Additional equipment includes: lint-free wipes, orange wood stick, cotton, aluminum foil, cushion file, 180 grit nail files.


1. Preparation

First, we need to get those nails ready for some magic. Apply cleanser and push cuticles back, clean the surrounding nail, shape your nails the way you like and then gently remove the natural shine with a cushion file. Now use cleanser on the lint-free wipe to remove the dust, and clean your nail. Voila, your gel nails are now ready to look amazing.

USB portable nail polish lamp dryer

2. Apply and cure the bond

Now, apply Ph bond and then a thin layer of foundation gel to the nail, lightly stroke over the top and seal the edges of your nail. Put your nails under the mini-lamp for a minute. For better results cure four fingers and then thumb separately. Remove excess foundation gel with orange wood stick.

Top coat and base coat

3. Apply and cure the polish

Apply a thin layer of soak off gel polish and make sure you do it in the direction from the cuticle to the free edge and then place the nails under the lamp for two minutes. Don’t worry, the surface of your gel nails is supposed to be tacky after this step. When this is over apply another coat and repeat this step.

Nail art set

4. Seal your nails and cure the sealer

You are almost there. Now it is time to apply a thin layer of top it off gel sealer and then give your nails a two-minute rest under the mini lamp to cure the sealer. Again, make sure you apply it from cuticles to free edges of your nails.

Nail polish brushes

5. Finishing touch

Now all you need to do is clean your nails with a cleanser applied onto the clean lint-free wipe. This will remove the tacky surface. Now just apply nourish cuticle oil to the skin around your nails, and voila, you’re done! Enjoy your perfect looking nails.

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