How to Design the Perfect Yard for Your Pet

Your home should be designed for your pets, just as much as it’s designed for you. It’s their home too, and they deserve to have somewhere they feel comfortable and happy. If your pet(s) spend time outdoors, your yard can be a paradise for them to play, rest or just enjoy being outside. A pet-friendly yard is safer for your pet and it can also be more entertaining for them. By designing a pet-friendly yard, you can often leave your pet unattended more confidently too. To design the perfect yard for your pet, take a look at these tips.

Keep It Clean and Tidy

Your yard should be safe for your pet, and one of the most important things in this respect is keeping it clean and tidy. It helps to prevent anything dangerous in your garden, whether it’s debris your dog might eat, parasites, or poisonous plants. You might find that having artificial grass is much cleaner for your yard than real grass. It’s easy to keep clean by hosing it down or even wiping it whenever you need to. Regularly tidying your yard will help to keep it looking good too. Do a check of the whole yard to ensure there are no dangers.

Image from Pexels – CC0 License

Secure Your Yard

Another way to make your yard safe for pets is to make it secure. This ensures that your pet can’t get out and nothing else can get in. A fence around the perimeter is a good idea for dogs. If you have a cat that you want to allow outside, you might use an overhanging fence to prevent your cat from jumping over it. Alternatively, an enclosed “catio” could be a smart idea too. If you have a small pet like a rabbit or guinea pig, a smaller enclosed run can provide space to run around without too much freedom.

Provide Shelter

When your pet is spending time outside, they might sometimes want to seek shelter. If it’s hot or cold, or it starts to rain, your pet will want somewhere to take cover. This could mean having a kennel for your dog or an outdoor cat house. Another option could be to create a shelter with a shade or umbrella, or anything that you might use to create shelter for yourself outdoors. You can also provide fresh water and perhaps some food, especially on hot days when your pet might want to rest in the shade.

Create Enrichment

Being outdoors should be fun and enriching for your pet. Think about how you can make the environment more interesting. You could have plants that are interesting to small, textures that are fun to walk on, or lots of toys to play with. Maybe your dog will appreciate an agility course or your cat will like having treats or toys hidden around the yard. Make your yard an enriching environment for your pet.

Your yard should be fun for your pets, as well as for you. You can create a space that works for both you and them.

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