How to Design a Luxury Bathroom

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Are you ready to upgrade your old, dated, boring bathroom into a luxury bathroom that can serve as your very own at-home spa retreat? Then get ready to put in some hard work while having a lot of fun at the same time. Check out the tips below so that you can design the luxury bathroom of your dreams.

It’s All About the Details

Go ahead and splurge on high-end, luxury details that you can incorporate throughout your bathroom. This includes customised finishes and fixtures that will really exude class and sophistication. Look for crystal and gold accents, in particular, as these can bring not only luxury, but also a sense of romance into your bathroom space. And remember to also accessorise with luxurious towels from companies like Threel.

Add a Lounge Area

Believe it or not, your bathroom doesn’t only have to house your sink, toilet, and tub. Instead, the perfect luxury bathroom should also have a comfortable area where you can really relax and simply lounge for a bit to unwind and get away from it all (perfect for those times when you apply a facial mask or leave-in hair treatment and you have to wait a while before rinsing it off).

You can go as simple or as bold as you want with your bathroom lounge area. Some homeowners opt to add fireplaces, TVs, and plush furniture like a chaise.

Heated Tile Floors and Towel Racks

Stay warm and cosy no matter what the season is by having heated flooring installed in your bathroom. The heat that radiates through the tiles will ensure your feet always remain comfortable, especially during the winter when tiles can become frigid to the touch.

You can even opt for things like heated towel racks to ensure that your towels are always warm and cosy whenever you reach for them after coming out of your bath or shower. It’s elements like these that will really differentiate your bathroom from the average bathroom and make you feel like you are in a spa.

Stone, Glass, Granite, Marble, Etc.

When it comes to choosing the flooring and walls for your bathroom, opt for luxurious, high-end options like marble and granite, as well as glass elements or beautiful stone. Whether you are upgrading the tiles on the floor or the walls of your shower, do not skimp on this aspect of your bathroom, which will truly define its look and character.

Add a Morning Bar

A morning bar in your bathroom is a little touch of heaven. Imagine having fast and easy access to a mini refrigerator, wine, and coffee whenever you want it. You will feel like you are in a luxury hotel, but you’re actually at home.

With so many different bathroom designs, it may be difficult to decide which luxurious look you want to go for. But with the right strategy and materials, and by keeping your particular bathroom space and size in mind, you can definitely transform it into a spa-like retreat.

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