How to Design a Chef’s Kitchen At Home

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Some people wait decades to have custom homes built where they lay out a design for a kitchen that is fit for a world-class chef. More ingenious people might have a customized cooking space created in their efficiency apartments. Although chef’s kitchens are often large and spacious, the end goal is more about the supplies and equipment than square footage. Before you begin to cook in a kitchen that a chef would enjoy using, you need to be dressed in a way that will keep you safe. To reach into a hot oven, you need to have heat resistant gloves or oven mitts. Before you handle knives, you need to be wearing kitchen shoes. All protective gear should be kept in your chef’s kitchen at all times, so consider putting some hooks or shelves into a cubby or even the pantry. Next up are the most effective ways to deck out your custom kitchen space.

What Do You Use Your Kitchen For?

A lot of people love cooking in their free time. While some will try out various recipes as they become available, there are other home cooks that stick to their own time-tested specialties. For instance, some home chefs cook nothing but pasta dishes and Italian food. This type of cook might benefit more from a pasta arm than from a butcher’s block. Someone who makes a lot of pastries might need extended counter space, as well as a heavy-duty mixer for making large batches of dough. Also, consider whether you will be using your kitchen to cook solely for yourself or to make meals for large groups of people. Essentially, think of the reason you use your kitchen the most, so you can customize it in the best manner.

Getting the Right Kitchen Supplies

The best kitchens are the ones that have ample supplies. First, you need the best supplies, equipment, and tools to make your kitchen comfortable. Buy non-stick pots and pans and heat resistant cooking tools. In addition to having a conventional oven, install a microwave, a toaster oven, and a crockpot. Food processors are another important piece of equipment for all chef’s kitchens. All of these tools are inexpensive, but they will make cooking a lot easier. If counter space is a concern, you can put your cooking equipment on shelves or keep them stored until they need to be used. This handful of tools might not seem like they would be useful, until the moment you prepare to make a complex meal.

Altering Your Kitchen Space

Most times, people buy something new for their kitchen and then find a reason to use it. Making more substantial changes to your kitchen, however, will inspire you to go and cook something up. Instead of having tiled flooring in your kitchen you can put down non-skid pads, which will make the area safer. Imagine putting on your chef shoes and your apron and walking into a kitchen that is literally made for cooking. Other changes that you can make your kitchen more suitable for cooking include putting in cooking racks that can be used for storage. You can also put in an overhanging pan rack so that all of your pots and pans are accessible overhead.

Making Your Kitchen More Convenient

So, basically, anyone who cooks a lot wants their kitchen to be as easy to use as possible. In addition to getting food prepared before cooking it, you have to consider the mess that you will make right in your kitchen. A dishwasher is recommended for keeping your cooking space tidier. You can get a deep freezer so that you are able to keep larger cuts of meat in your house, too. You might consider having an oven range installed on a wall so that you can keep an eye on your food while it bakes. Ultimately, you want your chef’s kitchen to have a rhythmic flow, enabling you to time all your meals and keep track of your food as it cooks.

Laying Everything Out

Home cooks who purchase a home or move into an apartment need to take note of how their kitchens are laid out initially. Are there enough cabinets or do you think that a kitchen expansion project will be necessary? Can you cook in your kitchen as-is, or do you experience muscle soreness and fatigue due to the manner in which your kitchen is presently setup? You may be able to just rearrange the oven and refrigerator to make your cooking area more suitable. A kitchen island can be installed if you own your home and there is enough room. Even resurfacing the cabinets can make a big change in your kitchen if it doesn’t quite feel comfortable to you. Find out how much square footage is in your kitchen and make a diagram of how it is laid out. Some simple changes involving adding extra light or putting in new equipment may pleasantly change the way your kitchen looks and operates.

Get yourself some matching kitchen utensils that are high-quality and stylish. Buy gourmet spices so that your food tastes better and install a spice rack for easy access as well as presentation. You want to feel right at home as soon as you walk into your kitchen, and as you become familiar with it, you will know exactly where everything is. Don’t struggle to pull pots and pans out of the cabinets. Instead, have them neatly arranged at arm’s length. Just upgrading your kitchen appliances might be all that’s necessary for creating a real chef’s kitchen. With better equipment and an enhanced layout, you will be able to move about like a professional. Sometimes it is necessary to hire a contractor to give a kitchen a makeover, but you can make changes just by thinking about how you want your cooking space to feel.

Is it going to be a place where you are going to serve wine and entertain guests, or are you most concerned with being able to whip up complex and flavorful meals?

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