How to deal with relationship stress during “lock down”

The ultimate relationship test is not being without each other for a couple weeks but locked up together in your house for weeks. It is quite normal for people to get irritated when they spend more time together than they are used to. Now we are experiencing a worldwide lockdown. Nobody knows how long the lockdown will last, so you better work on a solid foundation if you don’t want to end up in a relationship crisis. 

Focus on the bigger picture

If you live in a tiny apartment, you can put on noice-canceling headphones to give each other space. A daily routine, joint moments of relaxation, separate moments of relaxation, a certain diet.  Also check what bothers you with the other and what makes you angry. After introspection, the time comes to talk about it together. With a lot of respect. And mutual understanding. Try not to complain about your partner’s little flaws from Tayside dating. You have those too, so focus on the bigger picture.

The balance between “me-time” and “we-time”

How much time together is actually ideal? Each couple from Gloucestershire dating site has different needs and standards when you ask them how much time they spend together. I know people who put everything together, even the groceries, while others never go on holiday together.

Determine a routine together

This is very important, after all, a person needs rhythm and structure to function properly! Whether the lockdown will last fifteen days or fifteen weeks, it is best to use a kind of program tailored to your needs and wishes from day one. For example, walking from 3 to 4 pm. Really try to stick to that rhythm because it literally becomes your foothold in these uncertain times.

Find out different ways to deal with stress

Couple or not, you are used to ventilating the small frustrations of every day at the gym, at a café with friends, during the drive to work, etc. That all disappears, so time to start a new one. No, this does not mean that you become each other’s punching bag, but that you do something about those nerves. Yoga, meditation, documentaries, jogging: find out what makes you calm and focus on it.

Do things separately and make sure for romantic times

Everyone needs time-off. Do not force yourself or your Jersey sex partner to experience every moment and every activity together. Face-time with friends? You can do each separately. Want to go for a walk separately? He’s cooking, you watch TV? Great, tomorrow you turn the tables. It ensures that your moments together remain spontaneous and run in a nice atmosphere. You can also surprise your partner from Belfast sex in the bedroom. Intimacy creates less irritation, more tenderness, conversations, and understanding.

Become your own best friend

Make sure that you are in balance through certain breathing techniques, meditation, singing, drawing, online shopping, a glass of wine etc. In short: become your own best friend. Meditation is an extremely powerful weapon against boredom, stress and tension. Online you will find an abundance of apps, books and YouTube channels that teach you the art of putting things into perspective and processing.

Tune back in to your routine

After a week, the previously mentioned rhythm will undoubtedly already show some cracks. See where it went wrong and how to adjust the rhythm to meet both of your realities and needs. Again, this is only possible by communicating clearly and both are willing to compromise. So constructive criticism, mild approaches and especially not attacking head-on.

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