How to Deal with a Workplace Injury

No one expects to get hurt when they are on the job, particularly if their time is spent in a low-risk working environment rather than on a construction site. Even then, you expect that the correct health and safety guidelines are being closely followed to ensure that you and your colleagues can continue with your daily duties safely and without worry. However, sometimes accidents do happen at work, and they might leave you with an injury that will take time to heal. If you do get injured at work, here are some key steps you need to take to make sure that the incident is handled correctly.

Report It to Your Manager

If you hurt yourself at work, you must report this to your manager as soon as possible. They will need to record the incident in the accident book that all workplaces should have. This information can be used if there is a personal injury claim later and can help improve overall regulations in that working environment if necessary. You might also want to report this incident to HR if they have not been notified by your manager.

Get Medical Attention

If the injury requires urgent medical attention, your manager or a colleague should call the emergency services and ask for a paramedic to come and tend to your injury. Alternatively, you should be able to go to the emergency room with your manager or another member of staff to see a doctor as soon as possible. If your injury doesn’t seem to require immediate attention, but you’re still concerned or in pain a few days after the incident, you should make an appointment with your doctor to get it checked and the right treatment.

Rest Your Injury

You should also make sure that you are getting enough rest to help your injury heal, and you might need to take some time off to do this. If you need to take longer than a few days off from work to recover, you’ll likely need a note from your doctor to provide your employer. Other than that, try to maintain a healthy diet and get plenty of sleep to assist the recovery of your injury, and if applicable, do some gentle exercises to avoid stiffness.

Consider Taking Legal Action

Suppose you are injured in the workplace due to your employer’s negligence, such as failing to comply with health and safety regulations or knowingly putting you at risk. In that case, you could be in a good position to make a personal injury claim. You should speak to attorneys in your area who specialize in this field of law, such as this firm that assists with slip-and-fall accidents in the workplace in Charlotte, and they will be able to represent you in your case and offer further legal advice.

No one should feel unsafe when they go to work, and you certainly don’t expect to get injured when you’re going about your daily duties on the job. However, if this does happen to you, remember these tips to make sure that the incident is handled correctly.


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