How to Create Your Own Style

Creating your own style can be really difficult, and many people have it without even realising it. Creating your own can be challenging though, so here are some ideas of how you create your own unique style. Style is a part of what you wear, but it is also your look in general and even your vibe. Being comfortable and confident in what you are wearing is key to anyone’s personal style. Wearing things that you don’t like, but you think are fashionable is never the right thing for your personal style. Developing your own personal style is learning more about yourself, what you like, and more importantly what you don’t. Everyone’s is different, and everyone’s is great in so many different ways. Read on to find out how you can develop your own, and what you can experiment with to find out what you truly love.

Get Inspired

A part of developing your own style is getting inspired by others. It is almost impossible to develop your own style, without getting inspired by others. Just like any art, you need to look how other people do it. Looking on Instagram, your favourite fashion blog, or even your favourite YouTubers can give you loads of ideas. Mimicking others, and trying out things for yourself, is a great way of knowing what suits you and your style and what doesn’t. Want to try wearing stilettos on a night out? Or do you want to experiment with power clashing like your favourite Instagrammer does? Trying things out will give you a great idea of what you like and what you don’t. Make sure you do your research, save the pictures, or even create a scrapbook of inspiration to cultivate your personal style.


Make it Unique

There are loads of great places to source clothes from other than the high street, and this can really make your personal style. High street clothes are massed produced, and often don’t let you express your style. Although can totally incorporate these into your look, and make them say what you want to, it is great to have a mix of clothes in your wardrobe. You could even make your clothes unique by adjusting and changing the ones you already have, if this interest you check out: There are also loads of secondhand and vintage clothes out there that too. They are a great way to express your individuality and are lot more interesting style wise than most high street clothes. Make sure you check out vintage clothes stores near you or even shop around online for them too. These kinds of clothes will make your style really unique. You don’t need to follow high street fashion to look good or be confident.

There are loads of ways you can develop your own style. Anything from finding inspiration online to looking for vintage and second-hand clothes, are all great ways for you to discover what you love to wear. Try some of these ideas out to find out what you love to wear.

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