How To Create a Monochromatic Color Scheme

monochromatic scheme

If you love the simple, sophisticated look of monochromatic interior design, you also know that achieving the perfect tone-on-tone color scheme for your home isn’t as easy as it looks. When you’re planning your next room redo, try these tips to take your limited palette to the next level.

Select Your Color

A monochromatic scheme can work with warm to cool shades anywhere on the color wheel, not to mention nude and other neutrals. When you’re considering a hue you love, look at the lighter and darker versions so you can envision how you might incorporate them into a palette for your room. Paint samples can be an excellent source of monochrome inspiration, whether you prefer to go bold and bright or muted and subtle with your decor. If you have elements of a room that won’t be changed, such as appliances, flooring or finishes, consider drawing colors from those items to create your palette.

Get in the Mood

Think about how various colors effect your mood. A palette filled with cool blues creates a restful yet welcoming space. Blacks and grays look modern and contemporary. Shades of yellow bring the sunshine in. No matter what type of space you want to create, you can find a monochromatic color scheme that works with your aesthetic.

Start With the Bathroom

If you’re new to a one-color scheme, try it out in one of the smaller areas of your home first to make sure you like the effect. Consider the bathroom if you want to create a restful effect that calls to mind a high-end spa.

Add Texture and Interest

A simple color palette doesn’t have to be boring. In fact, it’s the perfect chance to create a cozy space by mixing and matching soft fabrics and sleek surfaces. Think visible wood grain, soft rugs and cable knit throws galore. Graphic wallpaper provides a pop of je ne sais quoi without straying from your aesthetic. Shiny metal fixtures add an extra dimension.

Mix Light and Dark

Seeking an easy template for your monochromatic scheme? Top interior designers Palm Springs recommend using a lighter hue of your color for large spaces like walls and floors. This provides a soothing, serene effect that can be livened and energized with pops of a darker version of your chosen shade.

Don’t Forget the Furniture

When you go for a monochromatic scheme, go all the way by finding coffee tables, accent chairs and other pieces in your color family of choice. You can even paint bookshelves the same color as your walls to create the look of custom built-ins.

Incorporate Neutrals

Does your room feel too matchy-matchy? Add neutrals to break up the decor in a visually appealing way. Try warm neutrals like brown and taupe with warm colors and cool neutrals in the gray family with cool palettes. Black and white can also work wonders in this type of color scheme. Want to go bold? Throw in a contrasting color, like one purple piece in your all-yellow kitchen.

Interior design companies in California provide guidance and inspiration for homeowners who want a refreshed monochromatic space. Get in touch today and bring your ideas to get started on a brand-new look for your home.

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