How to Create a Living Room Focal Point

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The living room is an ideal place to come together with family and friends to relax and socialize, so it’s only natural you would want to create a stylish and comfortable space. That’s why we’re offering some helpful tips on how to create a living room focal point.

A Cozy Fireplace

Nothing welcomes a person home quite like a cozy fireplace, which can add a touch of character to an interior design. Point your furniture towards the beautiful fireplace to ensure it becomes the room’s focal point. You can trust your guests will enjoy relaxing in your living room as the fireplace roars to life.

Hang Artwork

Express your personality while highlighting a room’s color theme with a beautiful work of art. Hang artwork to add color, texture and style to a room, while allowing a visitor to gain an insight into your personal taste. It is an ideal way to create a comfortable, stylish home that will impress your guests.

Assorted Shelving

Stylish shelving cannot only provide a perfect space to store many items, but it can also become an eye-catching feature within the home. As well as being affordable, bookshelves allow you to display your most treasured items. It can also allow visitors to gain an insight into a homeowner’s achievements, passions and hobbies.

For instance, you can display professional awards, an extensive book collection or items you have collected on your travels. You can guarantee guests will love to explore the many items on your shelf to learn a little more about you. Yet, don’t fill up the shelving with too many items. Allow a little breathing space between the objects to create a more visually-appealing design.

Lighting Layers

Lighting not only perfectly complements an interior design, but it also allows you to create the illusion of space. Add layers of lighting to maximize light, style and texture, as you should incorporate a combination of track, table and overhead lighting in a living room. Yet, sometimes you only need to buy chandeliers to create a home style that will become the envy of your guests.

Use a Bold Color

The eye is often drawn to the brightest color within a room, which is why you should consider incorporating a bold shade into your living room. Don’t overwhelm the space with too many colors and ensure the bright hue is balanced with a neutral palette. For instance, a turquoise armchair can perfectly accompany grey walls, and you can use home accessories to tie in the room’s colors.

Don’t Overlook Black

Black can be quite an overwhelming color when added to a wall or rug. However, it can make an impact when used right, as it can add warmth to a room while drawing the eye to a focal point. Consider using black for a unique chair, lamp or a small sculpture.

Do you have any top tips for creating a focal point within a living room? We would love to hear from you. Feel free to write a comment below.

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