How to create a glamorous look in 7 easy steps

When you scroll through your Instagram feed, it seems everyone is looking glammed up 24/7.  It seems effortless to look elegant and glamorous all day. But if you don’t have the time to spend hours in the mirror I have some great tips for you to create a glamorous look without to much hassle! With the help of Tosave where you can get elegant outfits and accessories it’s possible.

Vibrant Lipstick

Lipstick always adds something to your look. Choose a deep red color or pink color depending on your outfit. Make sure it’s a vibrant color go as bold as you can!

Velvet material

Another great tip is to use luxurious materials such as cashmere, satin or velvet. It will updo your whole wardrobe. Use colors like pink, violet, red and orange. Go bold!

Sexy velvet bodysuit by Tosave

Wear pumps or heels

No you don’t have to wear killer heels that are uncomfortable. Choose a comfortable thin heel to add some extra glamour.

The bodycon dress

Nothing is more sexy then a bodycon dress especially if you go for a gold one with sequins or embellishments! If you don’t like mini dresses there area lot of long bodycon dresses too that looks super glamorous. Why? Because it follows your figure perfectly.

glamorous look

Elegant bodycon dress by Tosave

Winged Eyeliner

The winged eyeliner looks great on anyone. It just makes your eyes look very appealing and sexy. Just watch some YouTube tutorials to make the perfect winged eyeliner, trust me it’s easier then you think.

A silk scarf

You can use a silk scarf to add some extra elegance. Wrap it around the handle of your favorite bag or use it around your neck. Make sure it matches with the rest of your outfit and voila you have a glamorous look.

Oversized sunglasses

The sun doesn’t shine in the winter but who care’s no time for makeup but still want to create a glamorous look? Add a pair of shades!

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