How to Cope When You’re Having a Bad Day

Bad Day

Everyone gets bad days now and then – those days when what can go wrong, does. It’s not major disasters or huge problems necessarily, just that nothing goes smoothly, and you suffer a series of small issues that accumulate throughout your day. The car won’t start, you leave your purse at home, you step in a puddle and have a wet foot all day, a client gives you a hard time at work, it rains on the way home and you didn’t bring a jacket, and when you get home, you find the kitchen sink has backed up. It’s just a bad day.

Why do you get bad days?

The most likely explanation is that you don’t! Experiencing a setback early in the day puts you in a frame of mind where subsequent problems that wouldn’t normally bother you are magnified, and in many cases, the first problem leads to a lot of the others. For example, you forgot your purse and didn’t bother to pick up a jacket because of the problem starting the car; then when your client calls you with a query in the afternoon, you’re in a negative mindset and perceive their inquiry as a problem.

Think Positive

The first step in dealing with what would otherwise turn in to a bad day is to deal with your initial setback without getting stressed and uptight. Try not to let one annoying event get you down, and then you should find the rest of the day goes more smoothly. Most bad days happen to like a series of dominoes being knocked over – one event leads to the next and so on, and you get so fed up that it feels like everything is going wrong. By recognizing this pattern, you can avoid getting caught up in a negative spiral and what could have been a bad day will just be an inconvenient start to the day.

Prevention is your friend

Avoiding the problems in the first place is far better than having to deal with them. This may involve keeping your car well-maintained and having home start breakdown cover, for example, or getting up in plenty of time so that if something does go wrong, you don’t have to panic about being late. Make sure you check that you have everything you need before leaving the house. Simply being organized and well-prepared will mean most problems that could occur never get the chance. Prepare a list of contacts for tradespeople like a locksmith in case you lose your keys, or a plumber to clear clogged drain problems. This saves you having to try and find someone in the heat of the moment, and gives you the chance to get recommendations and find the best person for the job, rather than ringing the first number you find.

If you find you have bad days quite frequently, it’s less likely to be a sign of bad karma and more probable that you just need to look at your organizational skills and time management. Some things that happen to you will be completely out of your control, but don’t make problems for yourself as well!

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