How to combine your antique jewellery with your wardrobe?

antique jewellery

Antique necklaces, rings and bracelets are a great investment. Every year there is a different eye-catcher and they increase in value especially the ones with precious gemstones and diamonds. A lot of jewellery designers nowadays are inspired by antique jewellery. This trend has been around forever it’s clear that antique jewellery will never go out of style it comes back every year. We take you through the vintage trends of the moment and how to combine them with your wardrobe.

Why wear vintage jewellery?

Vintage and antique jewellery is officially seen as jewellery that has been around for years and has been passed down from generation to generation. For example, the unique necklace that you received from your grandmother on your eighteenth birthday. How beautiful are these jewelries with a slightly used look and often also their own story?

The vintage jewellery trends that you can shop online nowadays are a great treasure! Think of earrings with beads, stones and charms, bracelets with coarse links, statement earrings in gold or platinum and of course not to forget pearl earrings.

Real gold with real gems, and especially typical styles from certain periods such as art deco, art nouveau or Victorian and special gems. Will only increase in value over the years. If the jewellery is also by the hand of a famous designer, the value is even higher.

antique jewellery

Antique Art Deco diamond and platinum brooch

Combine it with your modern day wardrobe

Because antique jewellery has become timeless you can choose one or two eye-catchers and combine it with your favourite outfit. When you combine your antique jewellery make sure to set cool colours together and warm colours together. Do you like to add another necklace? Then choose a subtle vintage necklace with a small charm. If you want to create an elegant look wear a brooch on your blouse or cardigan and pair it with a set of vintage pearl earrings.

Vintage diamond and south sea pearl drop earrings

Gold or silver antique jewellery?

Whether you prefer to wear gold or silver antique jewellery is a matter of taste, but also depends on your skin and hair type. The general rule is that it is best to combine silver jewellery with cool colors. And with warm colors, gold jewellery is more effective. Finally, there are also the neutral colors: gray, black and white. You can wear both gold and silver jewellery depending on your preference and skin type. With a deep V-neck dress or shirt, a long vintage gold or silver chain is very nice because it emphasizes this neckline. Or wear it with a few chains in different lengths to create a layered look. A choker comes out best with a round neckline or less plunging neckline. Also consider the style of your outfit.

Wear a statement piece

Instead of neutrals, you can also opt for contrasts or an eye-catcher piece. With a statement piece of antique jewellery, you draw all the attention to this piece. And it becomes the centre piece of your outfit. Combining different striking colours to create beautiful contrasts, such as coral orange with sky blue and dark brown, can also provide a spectacular end result. Would you rather play safe? Then choose different shades of the same colour: always good.

Antique aquamarine topaz, diamond and platinum necklace

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