How To Choose Your Clothing Palette

Have you ever met a woman or a man in trendy clothes, but it looked horrible on their body? Buying fashionable and expensive clothes does not guarantee that you would look awesome in those staff. You may spend hours in looking for the trendiest examples of stylish clothes, but finally look miserable. Why?

The palette matters…

It’s better to choose the clothes palette which will highlight all the advantages of your face and body, and hide all the details you would prefer to be hidden, isn’t it? Also, it depends on the color of your eyes, hair, and skin, which clothes palette it is more preferable to wear. There are four main types of appearance according to which you’d rather choose the clothes for yourself. In other words, the colors of hair, skin, and eyes are to be taken into consideration when making a decision which clothes to buy. Choose one of 4 main season types of appearance and follow the recommendations for next shopping session:

  1. Winter

It’s one of the brightest types of appearance. People with black, dark brown and platinum shades of hair can be enrolled in this group. The eyes are dark brown, green, dark gray, and dark blue. The skin may be either too bright and pure or swarthy with an olive hue. It becomes tanned very quickly.


If you belong to this type of appearance, than choose the palette, which consists of light and bright colors of maximum or middle level of saturation: black, white, bright blue, bright yellow. All the variations of blue and pink look awesome.

  1. Spring

It’s the lightest type among all the types. The hair color is light with a warm flaxen hint. The eyebrows and eyelashes are darker or of the same color. The color of the eyes is yellow-green, or blue, gray-green. The skin is light with warm peach or beige-pink hue, often with golden freckles. It becomes tanned quickly becoming of the “latte” hue.


Try to avoid cold hues, and choose warm colors like peach, bronze, terracotta, beige brown, coral.

  1. Summer

The color of hair is either light or dark (but not black) with cold cinders hue. The eye color is blue, gray, gray-blue or green. The skin is tender, either of cold light olive color or light pink with a blue hint. When it is being tanned, it becomes of peach hue.


Choose cold blurred and muted, basic colors: purple, different dark hues of blue, dark gray, and maroon outfit ideas.

  1. Autumn

The color of hair is red or brown with a honey hint. The eyes are light brown, brown, dark gray, green. The skin is swarthy or light, often with red freckles.


All the lush hues will benefit this appearance type as well as the hues of a red and yellow palette. You should choose bright, soft, and warm tones. Yellow, orange, golden, olive, brown with copper, khaki, peach, and turquoise.

How To Find My Appearance Type?

Just sit down somewhere in the quiet place with a daylight and take the pieces of tissues of different colors close to your facial skin in front of the mirror. You will feel when the color of the tissue makes your appearance brighter and your look fresher.

How Many Colors Should I Include To My Palette Daily?

The experts recommend choosing no more than 9: 3 main colors, 4 accent shades, and 2 neutrals.

You may choose the basic colors, accent shades, and neutrals for your look here:

Here we go with neutrals:


Wish you all the best on the way of choosing the right palette!


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