How to choose the perfect womens watch you enjoy wearing

A watch is an extension of your personality and style. Therefore, make sure you go for a watch that suits you. Especially when you invest in a designer watch like Nordgreen that is known for their high quality Danish design. Also consider the size of your wrist. This is very important when choosing a watch. Do you have a thin wrist? Then do not go for a too large dial and vice versa. Are you still at the beginning of your watch collection? Then check these tips for buying the perfect Nordgreen watch.

When making your choice, you could take into account the moment or the occasion when you want to wear your watch. On one occasion you dress more neatly than on another. Choose a watch that matches that. A classic timepiece like Nordgreen never goes out of style. 

Watch Color

If you choose a watch in a distinct color, it is more likely that it will not match the color of your clothing. Metal, white, gray and black go with almost everything. Nordgreen has interchangeable straps for versatility. You can replace a watch strap, but not the color of the dial and case.

Wrist size

If you have thin wrists, it is best to opt for small womens watches. Go for a diameter of 28mm.
An oversized watch can be trendy but be honest, when you invest in such a beautiful product, it must be comfortable. Despite the fact that the average wrist has the most choice and could possibly get away with a large or small clock, there are still guidelines when choosing the perfect women’s watch.  Therefore, go for a clock with a size of 32mm. For the band, the choice is yours, this is the happiness of an average wrist. However, don’t forget less is more!

Undertone of your skin

Your skin undertone can be cool, warm or neutral. It is the color that shines under your skin. If your skin has a cool undertone then silver, stainless steel and rose gold colors are nice. If your skin has a warm undertone then colors like gold and copper look beautiful. If your undertone is neutral most colors suit you.

Unika | Polished Rose Gold Metal Dial

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