How to Choose the Music for Your Wedding

The music that you and your partner choose for your wedding ceremony can set the tone of the entire day, so it’s important that it’s a decision that you both take the time to choose carefully.  Your music will usually have to be romantic, meaningful to you both, and somehow tie in with your theme and even your venue. If you’ve been racking your brains trying to decide which tunes you’re going to get married to, look no further as we’ve compiled a list of steps to follow when choosing your wedding music.

Think About the Type of Ceremony You’re Planning

Whether you’re planning to hold a more traditional ceremony or are venturing more into the modern side of things is a key factor in deciding on your wedding music. For traditional ceremonies, classics such as ‘Here Comes the Bride’ or Pachelbel’s Canon in D are excellent choices of music that will fit in well. If you’re having a less traditional wedding ceremony, your favorite love songs or music that means a lot to the both of you are choices that will go well.

Consider Your Venue

Although many wedding venues in Los Angeles are versatile and suited to many different types of music, certain venues will go well with certain music genres. This is why it’s a good idea to take into consideration the venue where your wedding ceremony will be held when it comes to choosing your tunes. For example, if you’re planning a church wedding, hymns or traditional wedding music is likely to be the best genre of music to pick for your ceremony. It’s also important to consider how the music will sound – vocal songs may be hard to pick up in an outdoor setting, whilst instrumental music can echo in settings such as a large hall.

Musical Solos

If you have a friend or family member who’s a great singer, asking them to sing at your wedding ceremony can be a beautiful, personal touch. Solos in general can be quite romantic and excellent for weddings, and if your budget and venue allows, you may also wish to consider hiring a soloist for your wedding ceremony. Professional singers will be able to determine what will sound best in the venue and should have equipment with them to ensure that you get the best sound.

Get the Timing Right

You’ll need to make sure that the music you choose is perfectly timed to the event. For example, if it’s only going to take you a minute to walk down the aisle you won’t want a song that is five minutes long, as that will leave you standing around for four minutes waiting. It’s important to practice the timing before your big day in order to ensure that everything fits in perfectly.

Get Advice

If you’ve sought the advice of a wedding or event planner to help you plan your big day, you might consider the idea of also asking a professional musician for some advice on choosing the right music for your ceremony. If you’re not clued up on music you might find that you unintentionally make an uninformed decision that could interfere with the fluency of your ceremony. A professional musician will not only be able to suggest the best music to choose, but they may also be able to work around your ideas for song choices in order to make them fit in.

Decide When Music Will Be Played

Wedding ceremonies are made up of a number of specific events, and how many of these special events you’re planning to include in your ceremony is down to you both as a couple. Whether you just want to play music for walking down the aisle and exiting, or if you’re going to include events such as seating of the mothers or a remembrance for a passed loved one, it’s important to note how many of these events you’re planning to include and choose music to match them accordingly.

Choose Music You Both Agree On

Last but not least, when choosing music for your wedding ceremony it’s important to choose something that you both love and that means a lot to both of you. Many couples have a specific ‘song’ that’s special to the both of them, so if you are one of those couples, it’s a nice idea to include this song somewhere in your ceremony. Keep the above ideas in mind, and make sure that you’re both in agreement.

How did you choose your wedding ceremony music? We’d love to hear from you in the comments.

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