How to Choose the Best Skin Care for Dry Sensitive Skin

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Dry weather and low humidity could sometimes be enemies to those who care about beauty, because it’s time they feel aches and dry with the skin, especially those who have a dry sensitive face. It’s time for us to protect our face with the best skin care products for sensitive skin. If you have a skin rash from tsw its important to use the right products to improve this condition. But what is the best skin care for dry sensitive skin? How to choose from a large amount of dry and sensitive skin care and how to do is genuinely a problem.

Before we start, let’s take a glance at what a dry sensitive skin is:

  • Dry skin: Most people do not have the problems of large pores or acne, but their skin is lacking in oil, with the result being that skin is fragile, easy to peel off and the skin barrier function is reduced. It’s also easy to have wrinkles and fine lines. Dry skin is more vulnerable to external factors such as pollution, ultraviolet radiation, and extreme weather.
  • Sensitive skin: Skin barriers are weak so that burning pain is often felt. Skin is easily irritated or reddened.
  • Dry sensitive skin: Because of the conventional thin skin barriers, those two kinds of skin types often mix together, bringing challenges to moisturizing.

dry sensitive skin

Three reasons for dry sensitive skin

Before knowing how, we’d better first understand why: why the dry sensitive skin forms up. A professional manufacturer named Ausmetics mentioned in its article the reasons for dry sensitive skin. Read on to know more.

1/ Epidermal cell lipid metabolism: Changes in the proportion of three main lipid components (fatty acids, sterols, and ceramides) were observed in dry skin, resulting in the separation of lipid phase on the surface of the cuticle. Excessive levels of fatty acids may further exacerbate structural defects in intercellular lipids.

2/ Epidermal cell protein expression abnormality: Increased expression of immature keratinized envelope exists. The immature keratinized shell rises more than healthy skin and becomes weak and hydrophobic, affecting the stratum corneum barrier function and reducing desmozyme activity.

3/ Epidermal cell immune response and drying: After the epidermal acute or chronic decline, the skin’s automatic repair mechanism will accelerate the production of keratinocytes. For dry sensitive skin, epidermal cell replacement time is shortened and mediates the production and release of cytokines. This causes hyperkeratosis of the skin and mild inflammation, which is also a typical feature of dry skin symptoms.

dry sensitive skin

How to choose the best skin care for dry sensitive skin?

As we all know, the main procedures of skincare include cleaning, moisturizing, and sun-proof. Moisturizing being the core, we will focus our article mainly on this part. It is essential to choose the best skin care for dry sensitive skin.

Firstly, it’s a must to know which two parts are essential in a moisturizing cream:

  • Moisturizer: It can hold water molecules tightly by hydrophilicity and keep them on the skin surface. For example, hyaluronic acid can absorb 500-1000 times their own weight of water.
  • Sealant: This can form a layer of oil film on the face, so that the skin’s own moisture and moisture obtained from skincare products are not so easy to slip away. Vaseline, mineral oil and other oil components are the standard types.

Having got a clear idea of the key components, we now turn to the step of choosing products. As for dry sensitive skin, natural and non-toxic skin care is the first choice:

1/ Repair skin barrier in skincare methods: Reduce the damage to the skin barrier ability is equivalent to reducing the degree of moisture transdermal volatilization in the skin. Barrier repair ingredients such as ceramide help replenish lipids and improve skin’s ability to lock water.

2/ Take good use of moisturizing cream: The “water, oil and water” method is used to select the suitable facial oil to improve the barrier ability of skin itself. Vegetable oils rich in unsaturated fatty acids are the right choice, such as rose fruit oil, borage oil, almond oil, avocado oil, carrot oil, evening primrose oil, Calendula oil, etc.

  • Skin sensation: As people with oily skin like refreshing sensation and those with dry skin emphasizes moisturizing feeling, the skin sensation of the moisturizing cream could be vital to choose a product. It’s often suggested that cream is more suitable for dry skin while the emulsion is for the oily one.
  • Moisture retention: This could be tested from the elements we mentioned above, the moisturizer and the sealant. Every time you choose a moisturizing product, remember to look at its component list to find out which are moisturizers and which are sealants. In this way, you could quickly get an idea of its moisturizing ability.
  • Special effects: If you are chasing the unique effect of anti-aging and whitening, etc. you might need to seek for some moisture cream with special effects. But do remember that sensitivity testing should be done in advance when using functional ingredients. If you have sensitive skin, you can consider using a small amount and slowly build your tolerance. In addition, don’t use several powerful drugs together, you should know that you can’t get all at one time.

dry sensitive skin

Up till now, you have been told about the skin type of dry sensitive skin, the reason for it and the way to choose your best Skin Care. If you still don’t know where to start, I would recommend that Ausmetics would be the right choice for their more than 20 years experience in ODM & OEM Skin Care, this has made them the best natural and non-toxic skin care manufacturer. What’s more, they have paid particular attention to sensitive skin, which means all the products they produced will be kind of safe and become the best skin care for redness sensitive skin. The moisturizing cream from Ausmetics will be worth your trying.

I am sure you can have a better skin state once you keep those points in mind. To start your road of being and remaining beautiful, Ausmetics will always be a good companion.

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