How to Choose Perfectly Fit Man’s Dress Shirt?

The dress shirt is one of the most crucial investments every man should have. It elegantly frames the face of the wearer for presentation. Man’s dress shirt can be a good pair for sports jacket as well as standout as centerpiece outfit. There are lots of variations of a dress shirt in the market, but it can be difficult to find one that perfectly fits the body. Below is a short guide on how to choose a perfect fit dress shirt.

Choose based on facial shape

• Narrow and long face – the long and narrow face includes diamond, heart, and rectangular faces. It characterizes with sunken or thin cheek and small jaw line. For this type of face, the spread collar is the best choice to counter balances the long and vertical lines in the face.

• Wide and round face – those with wide cheeks, foreheads, and jaw-line is considered to this category. Point collar types work best with this type of face to lengthen the wide and round face.

• Long necks – for those with long necks, wide or medium spread collar will give the balance for the face. Increasing the collar height can also be a good choice to hide the long necks.

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