How to choose best Hennessey hammock


Hennessy hammock is widely used on camping or different trips. Are you planning to buy a new Hennessy hammock but do not know how to buy the best Hennessy hammock, then you are on the right post because here in this article we will tell you how to buy the best Hennessy hammock.


There are 3 different types of hammocks that you can choose from depending on how you plan to use it.

  • The nylon parachute hammocks are very durable and resistant. They have a little elasticity, which makes them very comfortable. These are ideal for sleeping several nights. They exist in single and double models.
  • The super-light hammocks are compact and made with very light materials. They are designed to be used during fast or light hikes. Keep in mind that if there is less weight, it also loses comfort.
  • The expedition hammocks are made with high-end materials to offer maximum protection during expeditions. They are generally sold with various accessories such as additional shrouds, a rain suit, and a mosquito net.


Most hammocks on the market are made from one of these two materials.

  • The cotton hammocks can be made in more attractive designs due to its weaving. However, they are heavy, bulky, and “attract water,” which gives a poor performance in wet weather (they dry very slowly).
  • Nylon hammocks are the ideal to go camping. They are lighter, less bulky, and nylon repels water, providing excellent performance in bad weather.


The length and width of your hammock is normally a matter of personal preference. If you plan to sleep alone, opting for a too large hammock can wrap you up further and make you claustrophobic. If you are tall, you should consider purchasing a hammock of 240 cm or more.


You should always consider your weight and the maximum weight capacity of the hammock. There are extra-large models to suit large or heavy campers and double models for those who wish to share them with friends or partners.

The hammock with a weight greater than the maximum recommended capacity can shorten the life of the product and is potentially dangerous.


Different suspension systems are available, but they are normally reduced to a combination of straps and carabiners. Some models do not include them, so be sure to check this before you head out into the mountains.

The longer the straps and attachment points, the better. This gives you more flexibility to work on different types of trees.Use straps that are tree-friendly. These models are generally wider (more than 2 cm), flat, and made from polyester nylon.


Most hammocks are made with breathable nylon material to keep you cool during the summer months. However, if you plan to use it in cold weather, you will need to consider some sort of insulation. Some models come with practical accessories such as mattresses, underlay’s, or quilts. Think about the time you plan to face and get what you need.


There are a few hammock accessories that can come in handy, depending on where you plan to camp. A built-in mosquito net could be essential for camping in areas with a lot of mosquitoes.  Visit : Best Information Today

Also, if you plan on raining in the area where you plan to camp, a tarp is an important accessory to have. I would recommend taking a slightly larger model and one that you can attach to the ground so that it will keep you dry even if side winds accompany the rain.


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