How to Channel Luxury Bloggers’ Fashion Styles

luxury bloggers

With so much focus raw, street-style inspired looks have been getting, it’s no wonder you’re probably questioning your ability to seamlessly transition from your casual jeans and cropped tops into your sleek and luxe outfits. But, all is not lost, ladies, as only with a solid Internet access and some browsing time on your hands, you can craft your elevated look-book with the help of the best luxury bloggers in the luxury game.

If you’re not yet familiar with names such as 5 Inch and Up, Xameliax, or Aleali May, brace yourselves because you’ll be surprised, impressed and inspired to take some action and follow in their footsteps in order to give a touch of luxe to your own look!

Keep warm with Charlotte

luxury bloggers

The combination of her Dutch origin and her current NYC location, she has the charm of the modern Manhattan vibe and the classy European essence. She runs the blog The Fashion Guitar, and her funky, street-style meets elegance approach will keep you “oooing” and “aaaahing” to infinity.

The way she flawlessly pairs crisp white ankle boots with haute jeans and the beyond comfortable knitted sweater is just one example of her fashion genius. She proves that simple doesn’t have to be boring, and that you can look effortless, feel comfortable and emit the haute couture luxury bloggers vibe all in a single go.

Luxe and sporty Aleali May

luxury bloggers, Aleali May

You’ve read the stories, you’ve seen the runway presentations, you’ve tried and tried, but you still cannot fully grasp the concept of athletic pieces working their way into a high-end fashion blend and giving it yet another layer of fabulous instead of de-valuing it? I know, it can be a concept difficult to grasp, but if anyone has its reins, that would be Aleali May!

She is the rock star, the biker girl, and the beauty queen of rebellious combos. Oversized leather jackets, shirts and jeans are her specialty, but you can also check out how she wears crop tops, the range of belts she adores and her favorite shades before summer comes along.

Summery fresh by Amanda

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When you’re elbow-deep in the winter blues, and eager to get some sun into your days, look no further than The Bikini Society and Amanda’s incredible selection of perfectly wearable luxury. From Earth-friendly swimsuits, boho kaftans, to dazzling hats, she has your entire beach style covered from head to toe.

The most important thing is never to have a dull moment while creating your summer style, and with her expertise with color-combining, accessorizing and fitness tips, you’ll have a whole ensemble of lavish looks for summer. You can start by looking for perfect swimwear online, because it all starts with the right bikini, and then you can move on to getting your ideal beach bag, a pair of vintage shades and skincare tips to seal the deal.

Footwear galore with Sandra

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Although she is not limited to shoes alone, and she definitely offers some brilliant insight into choosing proper skincare ingredients and she gives great makeup tips, there’s a reason why there’s a separate category dedicated for shoes alone on her website. Her luxury bloggers taste and her expertise combined bring us a whole slew of fine footwear suggestions, especially in her “shoe of the month” feature.

From her 5 Inch and Up blog, you won’t just get awesome photos of how to match the shoes to the suit of your choice, but you’ll also discover if the famous Saint Laurent Niki boots are comfortable, how to master the art of shopping for luxury and how you can “redesign” your wardrobe to reflect your personality in the upcoming months. All in all, her blog is an all-encompassing experience-focused source of fashion delight, just waiting to help you reach for the perfect pair of those heels!


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