How To Change Up Your Look

We are speeding towards the end of the year, and with it, the beginning of a new one. You can easily update your looks in 2022 if you are feeling the urge to do so. There are numerous surprisingly simple ways to alter up your appearance in 2022. You will feel as good as new after doing everything from cleaning out your closet to making place for new things to switching up your haircut, brightening your smile, and so much more. Are you ready to jump in? Here’s how to update your appearance.


Cut your hair

A fresh haircut can dramatically change the appearance of your face, drawing attention to different parts of your facial characteristics as a result. With a new haircut, you have the ability to make as little or as much of a change to your appearance as you like. If you have extremely long hair, a cut over your shoulders will transform you into a whole different person, and if you do not want to change the length too much, adding fresh layers can be just as rejuvenating.

Change your glasses

If you wear glasses, one of the most effective methods to switch up your appearance is to get a couple of fresh pairs to rotate between. Consider the color, thickness, shape, and material of your glasses, and try on a variety of styles to see which one best suits your face. You will be able to match your glasses to your clothes and switch up your look on a daily basis in this way!

Dye your hair

Are you becoming frustrated with your hair color? Changing it up is the best approach to completely modify your appearance. Consult with your hairstylist about your hair color; they will be able to provide you with recommendations on which shade will look best on your skin tone. If you are not ready to commit to a complete color shift, consider adding lowlights or highlights for a more subtle update. Alternatively, experiment with wigs – you could have a whole new cut and color every day!

Change your hair parting

Because the layers will fall differently depending on where your part is placed, switching up your hair parting is the most simple and effective hair makeover you can accomplish. A deep side part, will allow you to have a side fuller than the other. Instead of drawing a perfect line with a comb to create a lifetime part, you can screw things up a little by messing up the lines with your fingers instead. Make sure that all of your hair falls forward when you tilt your head down, then turn your head back and allow the strands to fall wherever they may.

Get a dazzling smile

Has your smile been dimmed more than you would like by caffeine and red wine? To give your face a whole new dazzling look, try out teeth whitening options, such as whitening trips or charcoal toothpaste, as well as professional treatments.

Play around with your eye makeup

Different eye makeup styles will offer you a different appearance every day, even if you are using the same products as yesterday. Alternate between using a dramatic liner and a natural liner appearance. Consider adding some glitter or switching up your eyeshadow color to something fun and vibrant, such as a bright blue, if you are feeling extra extravagant.

Sort out your wardrobe

For items that have not been worn in a few seasons, or even longer it is time to discard or dispose of them. Discard any superfluous, “fashionable” items that you are certain will not be worn again, and you should be left with classic pieces that you will be able to wear for many years to come. Begin by stocking your closet with high-quality products that will help you create the capsule wardrobe of your fantasies.

Refresh your eyes

Have you been noticing that your eyes appear weary and lack sparkle lately? Revive them to give yourself a more youthful appearance. Using a moisturizing eye cream can help to reduce the dark spots and creases while also leaving your skin looking and feeling smooth. Finish by using an under-eye concealer that is one shade lighter than your skin tone to brighten up your eyes and make them appear more awake.

Play about with earrings

Incorporating earrings into your outfit is a simple but effective method to boost and vary up your appearance. You can choose from a variety of statement earrings that are bright, colorful, and fun, or you can go for something a little more subtle like classic gold hoops or elegant pearl earrings. No matter how you wear them, earrings are the perfect way to frame your face and complete your look.

Change your lip color

Are you stuck in a rut when it comes to your favorite lipstick shade? It is fine to have a favorite, but there is nothing wrong with mixing things up every now and then. If a vibrant red lip is your everyday look, try a neutral lip shade or tinted lip gloss for a minimal look. On the other hand, if you are used to wearing a simple lip color, consider a bright splash of color to spice things up.

Change your eyebrow shape

It is astonishing how much your brows can alter the appearance of your face. The way they frame your face can soften and harmonize your overall appearance, as well as provide length and depth to your face. Bold, heavier brows are fashionable right now, and they will give you the appearance of youth. If you have thin or scanty brows, use an eyebrow pomade to fill them up and give them a fuller appearance.

Use a fake tan

While artificial tanner has historically received a poor rap, there are a plethora of excellent self-tanning products available now that may help you get a stunning glow on your own.

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