How To Care For Silver Jewellery

There isn’t a woman alive that doesn’t have sterling silver items in their jewellery box, as this inexpensive material is ideal for making top quality jewellery. Like other precious metals, sterling silver does require tender loving care in order to keep it looking good and with that in mind, here are some silver jewellery cleaning tips.

  • When To Remove Your Silver Jewellery – There are times to wear your jewellery and times when it should be removed; doing the housework is one such time, especially with bracelets and rings, as the washing up liquid contains chemicals that could tarnish your silver jewellery. When working out or playing contact sports, you should not wear any jewellery, while outdoor activities like gardening are also dangerous and your silver jewellery can easily get damaged. In the unlikely event a piece of silver jewellery gets damaged, you should take it to a jeweller that specialises in silver jewellery repair.
  • Storage – Of course, your silver jewellery should be kept in your jewellery box with not in use. It is important to put silver jewellery items inside a small protective pouch, as this stops the pieces from making contact with other items in the box. If you don’t have a jewellery box, you could drop a hint to your partner for your next birthday or even Christmas, which might lead to acquiring a new jewellery storage box. If you are on the hunt for unusual accessories, you would want your silver jewellery handmade. A Google search will help you to locate an online jeweller that offers unique silver designs.
  • Cleaning Silver Jewellery – The best thing is to buy some silver cleaning solution, as this will not harm the precious metal. Apply a little of the silver cleaning solution to a dry cloth and gently run in a circular motion. That will remove dirt and grime, leaving your silver jewellery looking like new. Then you can use a piece of soft felt to polish the silver, bringing out the shine. This should be done every month or at times when you can see the silver is becoming tarnished. If you clean all your silver jewellery at the same time, it won’t take long.
  • Q Tips – These handy little things can help you clean hard-to-reach surfaces of your silver jewellery and by applying a small amount of silver cleaning solution, you can clean even the delicate parts of your silver jewellery. Once cleaned, use a new Q tip to gently dry the surfaces, which will ensure there is no damage.

If you follow the above advice, your sterling silver jewellery will always look its best and storing it in a jewellery box when not being worn will protect the items and prolong their lifespan. When looking to buy sterling silver jewellery in the UK, Google is your best friend and can help you to locate a reputable silver jeweller that offers a wide range of silver items, all at very affordable prices.

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