How to Care for a Parrot

Although not as popular as they once were, parrots make excellent pets as long as they are given the correct care and attention. So, whether you are thinking about getting your first parrot or you would like some help on how to better care for your current bird, the below blog will tell you everything you need to know to keep your pet happy and healthy for their whole life.

1.   Choose the right cage

Make sure that the cage you choose for your parrot is as large as possible so that they have plenty of room to move about and so that they can enjoy toys such as swings and perches. Anything that is too small is going to affect their quality of life.

2.   Encourage flying

It is good for your parrot’s physical and mental health to be let out of their cage as often as possible, allowing them to spread their wings and get some much-needed exercise. If you can, try to let them out at least once a day and more often if possible.

3.   Build an outdoor aviary

Although not possible for everyone, if you can, building your parrot an aviary in your backyard is great for their overall well-being. In the summer, this allows their bodies to get the vitamin D they need and it allows them to enjoy the fresh air.

4.   Visit the vet

Rather than go to a regular vet to have your parrot’s health checked over, it can be a better idea to visit your local animal hospital. If possible, choose one that provides expertise in aviary care, such as, as they will be able to offer the specialized care that your parrot needs.

5.   Make sure they get sufficient sleep

Parrots need 12 hours of undisturbed sleep every night in order to remain healthy. Although this can be easy to achieve in the winter months, during the summer, when daylight hours are longer, you may need to get a little bit creative when it comes to giving them the darkness they need.

6.   Clean them regularly

Parrots like to be kept clean, so it can be a good idea to place a dust bath or a bowl of water in their cage so that they can bathe as and when they want to. You may also find that your parrot likes to shower. Just make sure that the water is not too hot.

7.   Avoid the kitchen

Many people place their parrots in the kitchen so that they can enjoy their company while they cook. However, parrots are very sensitive to smell and noxious gases, so you are best off placing them in a room away from the kitchen.

8.   Minimize flies

When the weather is warm, be sure to look out for flies and flystrike as these can be really nasty for parrots. Minimize the risk of flies being attracted to your parrot by regularly cleaning out their cage and removing any leftover food.

9.   Be careful of the greenhouse effect

Although you may think it is nice to parrot’s cage is placed next to the window, you need to make sure that you avoid the “greenhouse effect” in the summer months to prevent your parrot from becoming overheated and/or dehydrated.

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