How to Buy Quality Diamond Engagement Rings in Calgary

Every big marriage proposal surely starts with the ring and you should expect that a diamond engagement ring is only befitting of someone who has captured your heart and would want them to know how your feel. While you surely can find affordable diamond engagement rings in Calgary that will be ideal for popping the big question, you want to be on the lookout for quality. And seeing as many guys out there don’t know what to look for when shopping for an engagement ring, you will find the guide below to be useful when looking to buy quality engagement rings in Calgary. 


Pick the Shape


Rings are available in various shapes and designs. And when it comes to diamonds, you want to be familiar with the 4’Cs which settles everything about the design. But you want to also give serious consideration to the shape of the ring you will like to buy. And for starters, your style preferences will matter a lot when making your decision. Below are some of the popular shapes you will find available in the market. 




The round shape of rings is by far the most common you will find when shopping in the market for engagement rings and you can as well expect to find them also when looking specifically at diamond options. This option will surely look brilliant on the fingers of any female and can as well work for men too who wear rings. 




Looking for options that will complement long, lean fingers? You may want to consider the oval shape of diamond rings as they do a fine job of revealing the extent of the fingers and more can be found in many classic cuts that surely will be ideal for the diamond engagement shopper. You only need to be on the lookout for quality to get the best value for your money. 




Need something of a vintage nature with a square shape to go with it? You want to consider the cushion option as has become popular among people looking for timeless diamond rings that could be right for popping the big question. This page has more on shapes of diamond rings you will find when shopping for one. 


The 4Cs of Diamond 



As mentioned earlier in addition to the shape, you want to also consider the design of the diamond and in this case will be examining the 4Cs which are clarity, cut, color, and carat. 




Just how clear is the diamond piece? Clarity looks to check for flaws in the piece. And you can expect that even the finest diamonds have a bit of flaw in them. While you want to get something that doesn’t have an obvious flaw, you should know that the fewer flaws that come with the piece the higher the price. 




When you talk about cut and jewelry pieces, you are looking at how it responds to light. And you can expect that a quality diamond piece will have a lot of sparkle to it. Want something that comes with a lot of bling? You will need to consider an option that has a pure cut that comes with a lot of sparkles. 




Carat looks at the weight and size of the jewelry. And you can expect to find diamond engagement rings available in different carats. The average carat on a diamond is pegged at one carat and you can find options that go well over 20 carats depending on if you want a custom order. And you can expect that the higher the carat the higher the price of the jewelry. You can check this link for tips on measuring diamond carats. 




You can expect to find diamond engagement rings available in different colors and you want to have an idea of your preferences when shopping for a quality option. While you can find them available in different shade spectrums, the rare ones usually appear colorless. Although you can find many new options that come in different colors, you should expect that options with a more saturated color will attract the most price. 


Buy from Reputable Dealers 


Once you have settled on the shape and design of your diamond engagement ring, you will need to look for the best place to buy from. And this is where most people may run into hitches as they may not be able to know the best places to score the best deals when looking to buy an engagement ring. You can check for jewelers in Calgary if you have the time to check your local jewelry store or use the internet to search for options available online. 


Searching the internet for places to buy Calgary engagement rings will surely provide you with options to choose from. And you want to do well to look for all the signs that you are dealing with reputable people. You can check the website to find out what others have to say in the review section. And you want to also follow the tips on how to identify quality diamond pieces. 


Final Note 


Getting the best no doubt should be top on your mind when looking to buy diamond engagement rings in Calgary. And you can follow the tips above to help you make a better decision about the right piece to use for the big proposal. 


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