How To Buy A Ring That You Will Love As A Man

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Most men out there will just wear one ring their entire life: the wedding ring. However, the number of men that start wearing other rings is constantly rising and it is easy to understand why. Wearing a great ring is going to make your look a lot better. Decorative rings are now available in so many different varieties that it actually becomes difficult to choose a perfect one.

While there are so many articles written online about how to buy diamond engagement rings or rings for women in general, not much is discussed how men should choose a ring. Fortunately, there is not much that needs to be remembered.

What Kind Of Ring To Buy?

The first thing you want to consider is the stylistic role that the ring is going to fill. Ask yourself questions like:

  • Do I want the ring to be big, rich-looking?
  • Do I want something that screams out “macho”?
  • Do I want something dramatic?
  • Do I want a ring that is subtle?

You can buy rings for any possible effect but expectations have to be realistic. There is no single ring out there that will perfectly match every single outfit, unless the personal style you have is unvaried. Try to consider those flexible options that can be applied to most of the outfits you have. The best ring for you is normally the one that perfectly matches personality. If not, it can simply turn into an expensive purchase that you will never fully enjoy. Always think about the effect you want to create and your personality as you buy the ring.

Pick Ring Size

A man’s ring size means 2 things:

  • Band size – will affect what fingers you wear rings on.
  • Cross-Sectional width – affects the chunkiness of the ring’s appearance on your hand.

You can easily go to a jewelry store and measure fingers in order to know your ring band size. After that shopping online is pretty easy to do. It is quite difficult to have bands adjusted after buying so you do want to get the size right.

When referring to ring thickness, this is the artistic choice you are going to make. Generally the wider rings are perceived as more manly but if you go too really extreme lengths it can come off as being a show-off. Once again, think about what you want to express.

Pick Ring Materials

This is where you will most likely spend most of your time as you make a decision. Men rings can be made out of so many different materials. Most of them are metals but you can opt for others, even leather. If you are overwhelmed by the number of choices available, you can always start with something classic like gold or silver.

The last thing you will consider after all the things mentioned above is how much you are going to pay for the ring. Once again, this is a subjective decision. You need to think about how much money you can afford to spend and want to spend. Remember that if you want to buy rings for different outfit types, your budget has to be divided among them.


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