How to Build Your Brand’s Authenticity and Credibility in Today’s World of Distrust

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The present-day business world is marked by seemingly endless communication channels, media outlets, and aggressive marketing messages. With the things as they are, inspiring genuine credibility and brand authenticity seems as a task becoming increasingly challenging with each passing day.

And, yet, people are emotional beings, and that genuine sense of trust and authentic aura might just be one of the strongest assets your company has in its arsenal. For instance, in a recent survey, 88% of consumers stated that authenticity was one of the main factors they used to decide which brand they are going to use.

So, attaining these brand qualities should make some of your top marketing priorities in the period ahead. Let us take a look at a couple of tips and strategies that should help you along the way.

Learn more about your target audience

One of the greatest paradoxes of the present-day marketing landscape is that the endless digital data channels allow us to learn a tremendous number of details about each and every customer without ever getting to know them on a more personal level.

If you want to sort out this issue and get enough data for subsequent engagement strategies, you should try using alternative reach-out platforms like social media and even cold calls. As simple as they are, these direct approaches will give you a much more nuanced view of the desires of your clients and outline the methods for keeping them on board longer.

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Work on a brand recognition

Creating a satisfying level of brand authenticity won’t be possible if your company doesn’t register on the mainstream radar. So, if you want to be successful, you need to tap into the law of large numbers and make sure your message is heard by as many people as possible.

Some of the simplest strategies for igniting brand recognition come in the form of starting a robust blog that will give your brand a very unique voice and allow it to build a great level of clout and authority in the industry. Hopefully, you will turn your brand from a place where people come to buy to a valuable source of information.

Use the available digital marketing strategies

This topic very closely relates to the previous one. In both these cases, you will build authority through greater digital landscape exposure. Earlier, we have seen how that can be achieved through quality content strategies. In this case, however, you will use the available digital marketing channels to create pretty much the same results.

Fortunately, the present-day market is more than equipped to deal with such tasks and you only need to look out for the best SEO companies for digital marketing to climb to the top of the SERP. This approach also makes a very good match for content strategies so there’s that.

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Accept negative feedback

It’s as simple as that. People are tired of faceless brands treating customer relationships in a cold, uniform, and corporate manner. Being able to accept negative feedback and even going out of the way to be as transparent as possible can earn your company some major branding and authenticity points.

Be sure then to make all the measures and benefits you are offering to your clients publicly available and encourage clients to post user reviews and social media impressions. Even if some of these posts paint your brand in negative colors, you will still earn some major authenticity points in the process.

Engage in influencer marketing

As we mentioned earlier, the present-day marketing landscape is marked by countless different channels you can use to reach out to the consumers. There are very few of them that will lend you as much credibility and authenticity as influencer marketing. Essentially, consumers put very much trust in peer recommendations.

If these gestures are coming from popular social media personalities that already inspire a great deal of confidence and following, the results are even more impressive. As long as you pay attention to three Rs of influencer marketing you can make wonders with this one.

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Develop a personality for your brand

This personality can be manifested through an easy-to-remember blog, engaged community and charity activity, an easy-to-remember catchphrase, or a lovable mascot. Or you can turn all of the aforementioned tropes around and try to be as ironical and jarring as possible.

But you do need to make an impression and give your followers something they can latch on to and use to put your brand into a tangible and conversational context. The more down-to-earth these qualities are, the better for you.

Final comments

We hope these couple of mentions gave you a general idea about the directions you can take to make your brand more authentic and credible, and, as a result, easier to register on the mainstream radar.

We are living the times when people are overloaded with an endless onslaught of marketing channels and messages. If you want to stand out from this crowd, you need to give your users a truly memorable experience. The tips above should definitely push you in the right direction.

By Mike Johnston

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