How To Build A Mobile App Startup That Makes Money

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Do you know that each year since 2015 more than 150 billion apps are downloaded and only about 30% percent of them are ever opened.  Since the beginning of the decade smart phones have reign supreme, there are numerous OS platforms and naturally more apps are created.  The mobile app platform especially had gotten a lot bigger, new apps are constantly being created and they’re mostly free, so you might wonder how are the app developers making money?  Well the truth is only about 2% of app developers really make money, the rest just struggled to stay afloat. It has become incredibly difficult to monetize apps, most apps users hate ads and the others aren’t ready to pay for the apps, so how is it that the big developers make money. Well here are a few to tips on how they do it.

The Central Idea

This is one of the most important aspects of developing a successful app, you need to decide what the app will do.  What makes the app different or special.  The truth is all major apps offer interesting features, something that makes them special. For example Instagram helps you share your pictures with your friends and family.  The central idea doesn’t have to be as major as Instagram, it just has to offer the users something unique, something they need, want or enjoy. Something that there is a high demand for.

Study The Market

As important as the central idea is, this part is almost as important,  you need to identify your potential users or market.  You have to assess the popular demands and find out if you can provide the services needed. Demands are ever changing; they could rise, fall or evolve. As much as every one loved Myspace it died away and facebook replaced it. People’s wants evolved so before you consider going into the app business you need to identify your targeted users, are they constant? Will they grow with time? Could it be possible to monetize?

Don’t Be Too Eager To Make Money

Despite what the title of the article says you need to take a step back when it comes to making money.  No matter how great the platform you are creating is you need to ease back on the money making or else the users will leave. You must first get the users loyalty, which is pretty hard to come by these days. When you launch the platform, make sure you make it easy to use and most importantly very cheap; later on you can focus on the money making.  Facebook didn’t stay posting ads until a few years back; they concentrated on building the client base and getting their loyalty and then gently eased into it. Too much focus on money making will scare the users away.

Small Scale Launch

It’s always a good idea to start with a small scale run.  It would be horrible if a lot of money is spent on an app and nobody eventually uses it, it’s a major loss.  So it’s always better to do a quick dry run. Maybe releasing a part of what the entire app represents, and see how it does in the market.

Monetizing The App

This is a delicate part of the entire process, you need to find a smart and preferably sneaky way to make money off your app without making it unpleasant to use.

If you want to go big like make major bucks, you have to do something like offer a premium package, something that is too sweet to refuse, because by now if all the guide lines were followed, they would be hooked to your app and would most likely buy the premium version.  Shadow Fight 2 by Nekki games is an example they released a premium version of the app with a new story mode after a few years of running the app.

In-app purchases, is the most common format of making money from an app, you offer them in-app objects for money.  That could make you decent money, but that’s if the users go for it.

The first two are tentative this one does not fail. It’s the fastest way and most reliable way is posting ads. It is the most constant and reliable means; the users see it and you get paid. Selling users information to third parties could also be an easy way to monetize the app.

Sticking To The Plan

You create a plan and you follow through.  To create a great app platform, you need a reliable business plan, a great team of programmers and set goals. Flexibility also goes a long way to help the app grow; you must learn from the users and respect their wishes and suggestions. You must be able to flow with the people needs. It’s one thing to draw up plans it’s another thing to follow through, you must learn to be patient and finish what you started, it’s easy to just talk, you need to implement, it’s paramount to success of the app.


As simple as it sounds it’s not easy the App Store might offer some publicity in term of advertising new apps first on their home page.  That is obviously not enough you need to hire bloggers, exploit social media and constantly evolve to survive.

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