How to Break Out of a Sunglasses Style Rut

One of the things which many of us encounter is that we find a pair of shades that look absolutely wonderful on us so every subsequent pair is chosen along those lines. This doesn’t need to be the case because there are so many styles and colours to choose from that you could literally go on an endless shopping spree, never depleting the options available to you. Here are some suggestions if you have found yourself in an endless loop, aka the sunglasses style rut.

When Price Is an Issue

It is probable that most people would love to own several pair of designer Tom Ford sunglasses, or any of the major trending designers but simply can’t afford to pay the price. Did you know that there are discount sites online that offer most of the major trendy shades, sometimes with discounts as high as 50% off? If price is an issue preventing you from climbing your way out of the rut, check out some of these sites. Remember, you may be wearing last year’s selection if you find a site with a huge discount, but if those shades look really great on you, who cares?

How to Choose the Right Pair of Shades

Okay, so you’re looking to change up a bit and choose a style or colour that is totally new. One thing to keep in mind is that the pair you have always loved may look good on you simply because they are perfect for the shape of your face. This doesn’t need to be an obstacle because there are other styles that will work just as well. For example, an oval face cries for frames that are wide, giving the face a wider look around the bridge of the nose. What about the stereotypical John Lennon granny glasses, shaded of course. Try them on to see just how appealing they could be!

Changing up Colours

Another way to get out of the rut is to change up the colours of both the frames and the lenses. Experts suggest that you choose colours that complement your eyes and perhaps your hair as well. With today’s polarised lenses getting darker as the sun gets brighter, it is important to remember that your eyes will show through when it isn’t overly sunny. Now you can change up both the style and the colour and before you know it you will have a whole new look!

Just because the usual pair of designer shades can be expensive when purchased retail at full price, doesn’t mean that those very same sunglasses can’t be found at an online discount site. You don’t need to stay in the sunglasses rut if you know where and how to shop for your particular needs. Keep the shape of your face in mind when changing up styles and don’t forget that colour also adds to the allure. Want bling? Go for it with stone-studded shades or lots of metal. No matter what your preference, there are alternate styles made just for you.

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