How to Be the Ultimate Summer Grilling Host – Tips for Summer Entertaining

summer grilling host

Summer is that wonderful time of year where everyone comes out of hibernation, leaves their house, and enjoys the fresh air and warm sun. Entertaining in the summer takes on a whole different feel as people tend to opt for those backyard BBQ gatherings serving up tasty food and plenty of good times. If you’re looking to become the ultimate summer grilling host this year, then you know it takes more than just a great menu to win your guests over. Here we’ll take a look at a variety of tips that can help ensure your gatherings are always a success.

Provide Entertainment for Your Guests

While there is nothing wrong with having a low-key gathering with a couple of friends, sometimes you’re looking to go a little bigger and bolder. This is especially true if you’ve got a large gathering planned. Providing your guests with entertainment is a great way to keep them happy and engaged, which can also free up time for you to focus on grilling and preparing the food.

As for what kind of entertainment to offer, well there are a number of routes you can take. If space allows in your yard you may want to look into inflatable rentals such as what you’d find through Air Fun Games.   You can rent such things as water slides, bouncy houses and inflatable games.

Make Sure the Menu is Inclusive

As you plan your menu for your party it’s also important to keep the food inclusive. What this means is providing options to guests who may be vegetarian or vegan or who have food allergies and preferences. Making sure there is a little something for everyone shows you are a thoughtful host who cares about your guests. It helps to make guests feel comfortable and welcome.

Get the Tunes Pumping

Another tip is to make sure you have an outdoor sound system to provide music during the party. It doesn’t have to be anything fancy, just a pair of basic outdoor speakers is perfect. Music helps to set the atmosphere and keep the mood light and fun. You can start the music up before guests arrive and then ensure it continues until the end of the gathering.

Better to Have Too Much Seating than Not Enough

One mistake people can make is not to provide enough seating for guests, making the assumption that some people won’t be sitting down, rather they will mingle. The general rule is to provide everyone with a seat. They need to have the option to sit without having to search around for a place.

Party Games Can Be the Perfect Touch

If you’ve got a group of people who love to have fun, then party games are a must. There is no shortage of party games out there ranging from trivia games, to card games, and board game classics like Twister. Party games tend to go over a little better after everyone has had a chance to settle in, have a bite to eat, and relax a bit.

By keeping these tips in mind you’re sure to be the ultimate summer grilling host.

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