How to be the “organised” friend

Every friendship group has an organised friend. This is the friend that plans all the girls’ nights out, organises perfect weddings, and amazing holidays. The friend that is the first one to make a list when brainstorming new ideas and even knows who each of her girlfriends should go out on a date with.

Well, maybe you are not that friend, but could use some of those talents to become a more organised person in general. Maybe you are chronically late to work or can’t remember where you left your car keys when everyone is already sitting in the car ready to go. What do you need to do to become that friend? Which habits should you develop? Don’t fret – we’re here to help.

Stop being indecisive.

One thing you can change right at this moment is to stop being indecisive. Whenever you are planning something, develop a plan and stick to it. Don’t change your mind at the last moment or wonder if you made the right decision. There are always better options, but you won’t be able to make anything happen if you don’t just do it.

Look to others for ideas.

Stop and think: How would your “organised” friend plan this birthday party or night out? Which spot would she pick, how would she contact everybody, how would she make sure that everyone feels comfortable that evening? You could also ask her for advice and ideas.

If you say yes, don’t cancel at the last moment.

Cancelling an invitation at the last moment is sometimes necessary, but if it happens a lot, it may make you appear unreliable. Before accepting an invitation really listen to your gut feeling and check your schedule. Don’t say “yes” before you are absolutely sure that you can make time that day. After all, your friends are also taking time away from their tasks to meet up with you. In general, being a reliable person that your friends can always count on goes a long way.

Set priorities.

When you have a million things to do, don’t stress, but rather set priorities. The most successful people manage to organise their busy schedules by determining what’s important, what to begin with and what to leave for another day. You can only do so many things at once, so if you are trying to run to the gym during a short lunch break while simultaneously attempting to purchase that acrylic nail kit that you saw online and chatting with your friend – you might be better off focusing on the most important activity.

Being organised is something that you can learn. It requires a little discipline and willpower, but its certainly something that you can accomplish.  

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