How to Accessorize a Jumpsuit


The jumpsuit has become a staple of modern women’s fashion and that’s a more than welcome bit of development.

Jumpsuits give the ladies everywhere a chance to continue flaunting their style while remaining comfortable even under the midday sun. Even on those days when you’re not in mood to wear a skirt or a dress, you don’t have to limit yourself to jeans thanks in large part to the presence of jumpsuits.

Who knew that something which combined a blouse and some trousers could be so versatile and so much fun to wear?

On that note though, jumpsuits can be a bit tricky to pull off because they work differently from many other articles of clothing. Many of them are not form-fitting, the tops are styled differently, and they can also cover you up in a variety of ways.

Plus, since jumpsuits haven’t been around super-long, the rules for accessorizing them are not as well known.

The jumpsuit can be seen as the quintessential piece of modest modern style and while it can be beautiful on its own, improving upon it is also still possible.

We want to shed a bit of light on how jumpsuits can be accessorized so that they fit in better with your personal style. The next time you’re shopping at Kate Marilin in search of a new jumpsuit, keep these tips in mind. 

Formal or Casual?

Before we dive deeper into the topic of accessorizing, let’s first discuss what you need the jumpsuit for. Are you wearing one to a casual get-together or to a formal event?

If you’re wearing a jumpsuit to a casual affair, you can go with the more summer-y choices – the ones made out of more breathable fabrics such as cotton. The fit will always matter, but you can err on the side of wearing something looser if that’s what you prefer.

Formal jumpsuits are typically tailored, dressier, and they do give off a more professional vibe. Expect to see more daring necklines too while sorting through the selection of formal jumpsuits.

Don’t overlook the fit as well when it comes to the jumpsuit. Whether you’re going with the more relaxed or professional options, you want something that does not hug your body too tightly or one that does not cling to it at all. There’s a lot of wiggle room there though, so you should be able to find one that will work for you. 

The All-Important Belt

If there is one accessory that can be considered a must for the jumpsuit, it has to be the belt. One of the challenges of wearing a jumpsuit is that your form can get lost amidst all the fabric. The belt makes sure that the jumpsuit still flatters your body properly.

The belt also provides you with a great opportunity to do something different with your look. Assuming that you’ve selected a solid color jumpsuit, the belt makes it possible for you to introduce a bit of visual intrigue.

With a white jumpsuit on, reach for a black or navy blue belt. If you’re going darker with your jumpsuit, tie something around your waist that’s got a brighter hue. That little bit of contrast will do enough to make the whole ensemble more intriguing.

You don’t always have to wear a belt that is on the opposite end of the color spectrum from your jumpsuit. However, if you’re staying within that same color palette, make sure that there are some harmonizing pieces. Jumpsuits with visible buckles go great with belts that have similarly prominent buckles.

The thickness of the belt also warrants consideration during the selection process. Generally speaking, it’s better to stick to wearing slimmer belts with your jumpsuits. The thicker belts can be a bit too busy on the eyes and they may take away from your jumpsuit instead of accentuating its styling. 

The Jacket’s Other Function

The belt is not the only accessory you can use to define your waist. A great alternative to wearing a belt is tying a jacket around your waist.

You can literally tie your look together by making use of a jacket. Denim jackets are fantastic for complementing the loose-fit jumpsuits. Don’t be afraid to explore the possibilities especially if you’re just putting casual looks together. 

Layer Your Look

One of the stumbling blocks you may need to overcome if you’re planning to wear a jumpsuit is the weather. You don’t really want to wear something that doesn’t provide a lot of coverage when it’s chilly outside.

This is why layering is so important if you want to wear a jumpsuit.

A blazer can be a perfect complementary piece to your outfit if you’re going to a formal shindig. Just make sure that it doesn’t draw attention away from your jumpsuit.

Jackets are fun as well and they can make it easier for you to play around with colors. Don’t do anything crazy with the colors. Just as before, creating some contrast with colors is a good move. 

Take a Modest Jumpsuit to the Next Level with Some Jewelry

Kate Marilin specializes in the creation of gorgeous jumpsuits, and they have a particular striped waist tie jumpsuit that has that boho-chic feel to it making it perfect for summer nights out on the town.

The striped waist tie jumpsuit on its own is already beautiful, but if you want to transform it and make it flashier, you can add some jewelry to your look.

Big, gold necklaces can be seen as garish sometimes, but when paired with an understated jumpsuit, they play so well off of one another that they can’t help but elevate each other. You can also be bold with your choice of earrings or bracelets. 

Finish Your Look with the Right Pair of Shoes

To round out your jumpsuit ensemble, you will need some footwear.

Let’s go back to the formal and casual considerations here.

The safest bet when you’re creating a formal look with your jumpsuit is to pair it with some high heels. You’re creating a more defined form throughout your look and the high heels literally and figuratively elevate it.

Boots are also fine choices for formal jumpsuits, especially those of the tailored variety. A loose fit around the top of the boots will create some good contrast.

You have a bit more freedom if you’re going casual. The medium-heeled shoes work for just about any occasion. If it’s warm outside and you’re not wearing a jumpsuit that is overly loose, you can also slip on a pair of stylish sandals.


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