How The Urban Look Appeals Today

The urban chick look has been constantly evolving for the past 10 years or so. It’s been around for a long time and it doesn’t seem like it has been surpassed by another similar type. The great thing is, the urban style comes from all around the world. Places that you would not normally think of as a fashion hub, have had an influence into this style. For example, Japan and Korea, have had a major part to play in the urban style for women. The jackets for example, have been made into a mixture of biker, urban, country and pop-culture fashion. Let’s explore how this has changed the urban style today.


Korean takeover

The brand that has probably had the most impact on Western streetwear coming from Asia, is Korea’s Xidosu. This brand makes some jackets and tops that fit very comfortably, usually hanging loose and they have some very intricate designs. They make use of bright and dark colors, all in the same design and this makes for a unique style item in your wardrobe. The other brand is D-Antidote as it has some very futuristic items and designs. They have made use of leather and some synthetic materials that mimic rubber and leather. What this has meant is, women can wear a style of street or urban clothing that has yet to fully take over the men’s side here in the West.

The facial look

The urban style has never really been focused on the face. It’s focused on the head such as beanie hats and other hats like baseball caps, bucket hats, etc. but not, there is a focus on piercings. Lip piercings like rings have always been around, but now bar piercings have become a thing. You can also find urban fashion chicks wearing nose piercings, particularly a couple of rings. A nose ring found here fits the exact style that you see in New York, London and even Paris. Take a look at the spiked horseshoes for a unique look. Other piercings around the eyes and ears are also slowly catching on.

Jeans are out?

Jeans have been something of a staple when it comes to the urban style, but lately, workout leggings have been taking over. However, they aren’t necessarily workout clothes, as they have patterns, designs and themes that are specifically for fashion. They are also made out of warmer and heavier materials so you can tell, they have been designed to be worn in the city instead of in the gym. Not to mention, high-waist shorts and knee-high boots are being paid together and altogether going a different direction from the usual ripped jeans you see or have seen in so many urban environments.

The urban style appeals to millions of people because it’s comfortable, makes a statement, and has so much opportunity for creativity. Korean brands have made their way to Western shores, which is one of the reasons this is now occurring. What is your favorite part about this unique fashion?


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