How The Internet Coped With Insane Demand During The Pandemic

The internet is life. It is the end all and be all of our lives. We cannot or don’t want to imagine our lives with it. It would be so boring! And during the pandemic, when all of us were working from home, playing games, streaming Netflix of Amazon Prime, the poor internet providers had to manage the insanely high demand. How did they cope and how are some of them still coping? It’s a bizarre time for them but the story of their success is quite amazing.


Peak demand?

Peak demand times are usually what we would consider, as 5pm-9pm. This is when most of us return from work, do a little browsing, online shopping, watch a show on a streaming service, play some games or just snoop around on YouTube. However, peak demand was all the time during the pandemic’s rise. However, many countries aren’t seeing any stoop in service as infrastructures have been able to cope. In the UK, peak demand times have been constant and thus, companies have become used to the increase in demand, suddenly, at the same exact time range in a day. So when it meant that peak demand was all the time, the UK providers simply took the formula they already had and stretched it out. Pretty simple hey!

Not so fast…

Some providers had to scale back their services. This was not in terms of demand but in terms of availability. If you were in fiber optic and had in your contract that you would have 100mb/s, you probably got half this or two-thirds during the pandemic. Slow down and performance issues have become normal for some companies and this is due to a lack of planning, inferior infrastructure and possible bandwidth issues. This is why so many customers have been searching for how to switch broadband? Take a look at what you can and can’t do, if you’re in a contract already, it’s pretty interesting. You may also need to revise your budget so if you are out of a job or on furlough, how could you scale back on your internet bill?

A new world

Since many of us will be working from home, now internet providers will need to manage this challenge. Before, they were used to cranking down their internet service performance during the day. Not many people were at home, so it made sense to save on utilities, etc. However, now, the economy is relying on internet providers to keep it going! Those telephone wires above your head are doing a lot of heavy lifting. So now, we will need to see a rapid increase in 5G infrastructure in local areas. Now more than ever, we need our internet to be fast and reliable, so a sea-change needs to occur in the national and even global internet technology.

The pandemic has focused minds and made us all aware of how important this little thing called the internet really is. How have you fared in all this? Did your internet slow down?

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