How shapewear corrects your figure and why celebrities swear by it

Did you know that corrective underwear and shapewear is one of the best fashion secrets? Celebrities swear by it!

And not just because shapewear makes you look slimmer. For example, a built in shapewear dress can support your stomach or back well and can easily be worn like this. In addition, shapewear can improve blood flow. Besides you will optically look a size smaller and a special silhouette, the right body or shapewear guarantees more than just a comfortable feeling.

Feel feminine

Have you also become curious about how you can feel feminine with the right shapewear material, which you wear invisibly under your clothing?

Shapewear can show your body from its best side. The shapewear collection offers compression exactly where you want it. For example, this makes your waist look slimmer and you can now create an hourglass fit in your favorite dress, or make your hips and buttocks look even better in that close-fitting favorite skirt.

Good to know a long sleeve lounge dress can be washed over and over again without losing elasticity or strength. It shapes your figure and tightens your figure lines and it supports and accentuates the area where you wear the shapewear.

Corrective underwear

The corrective briefs are specially made to shape your buttocks and lower abdomen in such a way that your dress or skirt falls over your figure as beautifully as possible. The compression will therefore be felt especially in the abdomen and around the buttocks. Keep a close eye on this while fitting that your shapewear is not too tight! Especially a dress or skirt will look extra nice when you wear these corrective briefs during an evening of dancing, and of course you prefer to do that dance when your body is free to move.

Tip: many women prefer to wear shapewear under a dress, because it flatters your entire figure beautifully. You can also choose corrective items with thin straps for example – this is how your corrective underdress, large sizes, looks very stylish and makes you feel confident and beautiful.

If you prefer to wear close-fitting clothing without shaping briefs you can wear seamless briefs. This way your underwear remains invisible even under a pencil skirt.

Corrective corset or a bodysuit?

Whichever type of size shapewear you choose body shaper, or shapewear, is available in different models and ‘conceals’ imperfections where you wish. A shapewear corset mainly streamlines your waist and targets the area up and above the navel, while a shapewear body like a deep v neck bodysuit can also be a great option. Shapewear is so stylish and fashionable nowadays that you can easily wear it as part of your lingerie!

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