How private guitar lessons help you grow as a musician?

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Allow us to help you shine the first day of your guitar lessons. Before we jump to what you just read in the title, let’s start from a brief introduction.

What is the guitar?

A guitar is a musical instrument comprising of strings and it is played by plucking those strings to make a musical sound. From classical to rock and from punk to pop, you can see and hear a guitar being played in different dimensions altogether.

Main parts of a guitar

Generally, four parts join forces to compose the structure and working of a guitar:

  • The main body
  • Headstock
  • Fretboard
  • Strings


Normally a guitar is made of wood and plastic and comes in various colors and operating methods to choose from while the strings can either be composed of nylon or mere steel. Ash, Mahogany, Basswood, are some of the most popular wood that plays a part in the composition of a guitar.

Even though a guitar can be made from the popular wood mentioned above, it is also likely to compose a guitar from metal or plastic.

Types of Guitar

The main types are:

  • A classic guitar

Comprising of a hollow body and strings made from nylon and steel, this guitar is used in the making of classical music.

  • Electric guitar

An electric guitar consists of a loudspeaker and an amplifier to increase the sound levels to a large extent. Also, they work on electricity and normally use a wired system to operate.

History of the Guitar

The invention of the guitar dates back to the 15th-century. According to facts, it has been revealed that the guitar is an invention of the community of people residing in Malaga.

Composition of the Early Guitars

It is said that the early guitars comprised of only four strings to play music. This format is now applicable for a ukulele. This shows that this famous instrument has been polished and transformed into the state in which you can see it today.

The popularity of the Guitar

The instrument has become popular among people across the globe because of few key reasons:

  • Portability
  • Flexibility
  • Polyphonic


Unlike the piano of the drums, a guitar is easily portable. A simple acoustic guitar requires no additional features that you can attach to it to enhance its capabilities. Hence this not-so-heavy instrument can be carried on your back like a backpack without even tiring you – unless you have a very weak spine of course!


With its timbre and tone, a guitar is suitable for almost any kind of music. The range span of a guitar is also 4 octaves, less than 7 of a piano but pretty good when compared to the small size of the instrument. Also, it is not confined to one type of music. A guitar can easily be incorporated into classical, jazz, pop, rock, punk and several other genres of music.


The guitar is considered as a polyphonic instrument because it can play more than one tone at a time. This means that they are a great instrument to play harmonies just like a piano.

Why you should learn the Guitar?

Learning the guitar has its benefits that have emerged to have a positive impact on your personality and life.

  1. Showcase your talent and ability to play the instrument like the famous Eddie van Halen. The guitar helps lighten the mood of peers around you as well as relax and socialize with people of the same taste. Indeed helps a lot in making friends
  2. Learning the guitar will enhance your concentration levels and learning abilities while making you capable of a well-required and demanded skill in the world of music.
  3. Definitely helps you develop the capability of multi-tasking by focusing on different chords as well as the notes.
  4. Helps you boost confidence and allows a sense of achievement that you get after learning something new on the instrument.
  5. Allows you to set tasks and priorities because when the guitar becomes a hobby and you have to make time to fulfil the cravings.
  6. Playing the guitar helps you relieve stress and tension.

Why you should take Private guitar lessons?

Even though many people say that taking music classes is just a huge toll on the bank account but there are certain reasons why taking guitar lessons can benefit you positively

  • Professional Guidance

Learning from a professional can impact your speed, capability and of course the factors that you could miss out on while learning. A professional will help you polish your skill and make you able to handle any form of a tone,

  • Proper Classes

While you are learning you will come across various lessons but following a proper lesson with a professional teacher to guide you through the hurdles helps you prepare and develop a pro insight about the instrument

  • Training

A proper class will allow you to develop a professional eye about the instrument. You can train other people after taking a proper trainer from your teacher.

  • Set Aims and Goals

Aimless training and learning will never lead you anywhere. With a supervisor to observe your progress, you can reach the goals set by your teacher giving you guitar lessons.

  • Focus

A private teacher will focus on one person polishing and enabling their skills unlike the teachers in the class with a divided attention


The guitar is becoming a popular instrument and being enhanced in every possible way to make life easier. Different types of the guitar can help play any genre of music. Guitars have become popular because of their portability, flexibility and polyphonic capacity. Hiring a teacher for private guitar lessons is a better option as it trains you to become a professional as well as leads you to cover all aspects of the instrument. The focus of the teacher is also undivided. Learning the guitar helps to enhance your social and personal skills.

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