How Often Should You Get Vitamin IV Therapy?

Looking for an effective alternative wellness treatment that can boost your energy, kill your headaches, and slow aging?

Vitamin IV therapy is a natural treatment that can deliver an array of health benefits and have you feeling your best and healthiest self. You need to know how many sessions you need and how often you should have them to ensure your treatment is as effective for you as possible.

Read on to learn exactly how often you need vitamin IV therapy depending on your individual health goals and needs.

How IV Therapy Works

IV vitamin therapy uses an IV catheter with a mixture of vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants depending on your individual needs. These are combined with a saline or electrolyte solution and administered by a registered nurse at either a clinic or a wellness center.

Sessions can take anywhere between 20 minutes and an hour, and you’ll feel the effects instantaneously. The nutrients have been sent directly to your bloodstream and can be quickly absorbed, which means if you have any specific health ailments, you’ll start to feel better quickly.

Nutrients via IV are 90%+ bioavailable, however, oral vitamins are usually around 20% bioavailable, so they take longer to work and have less of an effect.

How Often Should You Get Vitamin IV Therapy?

So how often for IV therapy? People receive IV therapy for many reasons, and depending on your goals, you could try anything from one-time vitamin IV therapy to having treatments multiple times per week.

One-time treatments are great for more minor, one-off health problems such as headaches or migraines, jetlag, or food poisoning. Got a nasty hangover? Here is an option iv for hangovers in LA. A powerful treatment of the right vitamins will have you feeling good as new in no time.

For anti-aging, try one session per month to keep your skin looking young, healthy, and glowy over time. A range of 1-2 times per week to once every 2 weeks is recommended for long-term health goals and specific ailments. The gap between treatments will lengthen as your health stabilizes.

Where to Get Vitamin IV Therapy

Ready to get rejuvenating IV therapy? Always book a treatment with a trusted Salon.

Our team at Be Youthful Co can create a custom IV treatment plan based on your age and unique needs. You’ll receive an infusion of vitamins, amino acids, and minerals to promote healthy aging and improve the health of your skin.

Find us here to book a consultation and see our IV Menu.

Vitamin IV Therapy: Making a Treatment Plan

Before you get vitamin IV therapy, take the time to research the best treatment options for you, and how often you would like to take them. Always seek professional medical advice before administering any treatment, especially when buying kits that are for home use.

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