How much does permanent hair removal cost?

There are a lot of hair removal options these days. But, the most suggested method that supposedly provides flawless hair removal is laser hair removal.

Depending on the number of laser hair removal sessions and skin type, it is possible to achieve permanent hair removal. The laser treatment can do what shaving, trimming, waxing, and depilatory creams cannot do.

Based on human nature, we do not like to adopt new methods quickly even though they are far better than the conventional ones. That is one of the many reasons why many people worldwide still use razors and waxing to remove body hairs. Regardless of people’s hair removal methods, everyone wants a permanent solution.

And at this time, when the weather conditions are not complimenting the body, it is more essential to remove body hairs for good. So, suppose you wish to get a permanent hair removal (永久脫毛) solution. In that case, the laser hair removal treatment is the ultimate choice for many. 

Hong Kong has several effective and aesthetic treatments for hair removal. Laser hair removal treatment is just one of them, but it is the most effective. Besides that, electrolysis is another popular permanent hair removal method.

Unlike laser treatment, electrolysis uses a fine needle to tap and zap the hair follicles in the skin with electricity. As the hair follicles are destroyed, they won’t grow back for a long time. The only downside of this hair removal technique is that it is pretty painful, time-consuming, and expensive.

Speaking on price, many people have the misconception that laser hair removal treatment is expensive. But that is not the case whatsoever. The overall costs vary depending on the place, technician, clinic, length of treatment, number of sessions, target area, equipment, and hair type.

On average, laser hair removal cost around $400 per session, more or less. Hong Kong’s average laser hair removal cost for the entire underarm ranges from 10000 HKD to 12000 HKD. And for full legs, it is somewhere between 25000 HKD to 30000 HKD. More so often, the total costs also include the consultation fees before the treatment. 

Coming back to the main subject, laser hair removal is not fully permanent as people claim to be. You can think of it as a semi-permanent solution. As the laser damages the hair follicles under the skin, they re-grow in a prolonged phase. After repeated laser treatments, the growth process almost diminishes entirely.

Why we suggest getting this hair removal solution is because of a few practical reasons:

  • You can get laser hair removal treatment on any body part, be it your face, back, underarm, legs, bikini line, or whole body.
  • It is not as painful as it sounds. You will only feel some tingling sensation on the skin during the process.
  • The precision of targeting hair follicles with laser is no joke. It selectively targets the coarse and dark hairs on the skin. The skin around the target area remains unharmed.
  • Depending on the speed of the laser and the target area, the session length will vary.

Per reviews from clients who received multiple laser hair removal sessions, they claimed to have permanent hair loss, providing proper care. 

So, if you are thinking about getting a laser hair removal treatment for the first time, you should consider a few things.

It would be wise not to expect the same result as others. The results will differ skin by skin and person to person. Just because people claim it to be a permanent solution does not mean that your body hair will be eliminated forever. It means you won’t have to deal with body hair and repeated hair removal processes for a few years. Getting touch-up treatments every one to two years will give better long-lasting results. So, you will get permanent hair growth reduction.

Laser hair removal treatment is not to be feared. It is a non-invasive process. Since it involves laser going to your skin, you must not forget to get skin consultations. Technicians usually apply numbing creams or cooling gels to prevent any harmful effects on the skin. That ensures minimal skin discomfort during the process. Besides slight sensation, you will likely not feel any pain. But, that also depends on the person’s pain-bearing capability and skin type.

A single laser hair removal session might cost more than the overall cost involving full and multiple sessions. So, make sure to attend all the sessions as your technician prescribes. If you get prior skin consultation, so follow the essential steps that you are asked to do. During the consultation, the technician or the skin doctor will tell you about the procedure, possible risks, and potential outcomes.

If necessary, do get a patch test. You can use many other hair removal options if it does not suit your skin.

Even after the hair removal session, follow the after-care instructions correctly.



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