How is Reimagining the Fashion and Beauty Vlogging Space


Calling all fashion and beauty influencers: What if there was a social platform that empowered you to make money from the brands you love when you talked about them organically—in a place people actually go to shop? Sound too good to be true? It’s not. A new online platform,, allows your audience to shop product recommendations directly from the video content you share, all in one place. So what does that mean, exactly?

For one thing, you can kiss brand requirements and talking points goodbye. Hauls is a talent-first platform designed to empower the original perspectives and authentic voices of its creators. Instead of burdening creators with rules around their content, they built an in-app purchase program. With the ability to always share your honest opinion, you’ll be able to make the videos you dream up—and that your audience loves—without limitations.

Hauls also helps its influencers better connect with their audiences. Through detailed analytics about your videos, the platform gives you key information on the content your audience cares about and wants to see more of. By understanding how to engage your followers on a deeper level, you’ll be able to strengthen your network like never before.

Whether you’re reviewing a great new eyeshadow primer or styling a head-to-toe outfit from your favorite store, you deserve the support of the brands you love to talk about with your audience —and your audience deserves a quick, convenient way to purchase the items you curate for them. By bringing you, your followers, and the brands you love together on one, streamlined platform, Hauls will unlock your potential to build your business and create the authentic content you dream of sharing.

Learn how you can become a Hauls creator at before the launch of and the Hauls mobile and TV apps, coming soon to the App Store. Or subscribe to receive updates at



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