How Exercise makes you “Hot!”

Most of us have, at one time or another decided that it’s time to get healthy, drop some weight, or tone up but there is a lot more to regular exercise than that. The truth is exercise makes you Hot. You look hot and more importantly, you feel  HOT.

Young sportswoman, skin

Here’s why

Look Hot

1 Glowing Skin

As soon as you start exercising your body starts pumping more blood, to keep up the oxygen levels in your cells, so you can do more exercise. However that same blood, high in oxygen  goes to your skin cells too.  As a result your skin cells are flushed out, detoxified, and the result is vibrant glowing skin.

2 Sleep Better

Nothing boosts your looks like bright eyes, fewer wrinkles, and an end to those dark circles under your eyes. Regular exercise, especially in the afternoon, has been shown to help you get to sleep faster, and sleep more deeply. Whilst asleep, your body produces hormones which rebuild and repair the body. It also helps maintain Collagen and promotes that healthy glow.

3 Fewer blemishes

As we saw earlier, exercise increases blood flow to the skin, and cleans out skin cells. It also helps to correct imbalances in your Hormones that actually cause adult Acne. If you have breakouts exercise can help. You will need to take a few extra precautions though. Firstly, you will want to have cleaning wipes with you, to clean down break out areas immediately after Exercise. Secondly you must drink plenty of water to stay Hydrated, and never exercise wearing make-up.

Follow those steps and you workout will reduce spots and blemishes.

4 Gorgeous hair

Amazingly, even your hair will improve. That same blood flow that helps your skin tone flows to your scalp as well. In the process it invigorates hair follicles by bringing in oxygen and antioxidants. The Antioxidants knock out free radicals that would otherwise damage your hair.

5 Tight Body

No question that regular exercise, especially resistance exercise, tones and strengthens your arms, legs, abs and butt.  If you want to get the very best results from your efforts, make a small investment and buy the best ankle weights you can. If you get adjustable ones you will be able to simply and gently magnify the benefits of almost every exercise you do.

Girl exercising with ankle weights for strengthening legs

Feel Hot

Nothing is more attractive to other people than a woman (or man) who Feels Hot. It changes everything, instantly. Along with the physical changes mentioned above, there is some other magic happening here as well.

6 Self Confidence

It’s a no brainer that the better you look, the more confident you become, but again there is a bonus here when it comes to exercise. It’s true that regular workouts will improve everything about the way you look, but something changes even faster than your body. English studies have shown that as soon as you START working out, you feel better about yourself, and confidence starts to rise immediately.

7 Reduce Body fat and Cellulite

Exercise , especially weight bearing exercise , converts body fat into Muscle. And that added muscle goes on eating more body fat as you continue to work out. Not only that, it is thought that Yoga increases Lymph (white blood cell) flow, which helps Cellulite by flushing out toxins. Exercises using inversion tables are especially good in this area.

8 Less Stress

Nothing reduces your sex appeal faster than being up Stressed out, and 20% of all American Adults now live with stress and anxiety issues. Studies have shown that within 10 minutes of starting your exercise, stress levels plummet, and they continue to fall for an hour after you stop. This works with cardio exercise, or weight bearing (resistance) routines. Just riding you bike home from work can effectively remove the stress levels built up during the day.

9 Stronger sex drive

It’s probably a good thing that exercise makes you look better, feel better, sleep better and  have less stress because, according to  it also increases your interest in sex. Working out, (again Aerobic or Resistance) builds stamina, elevates your mood. The hormones that get the greatest boost from exercise are Endorphins, the feel good Hormones. At the same time your sex hormones get a boost as well.

The great thing is you don’t even have to join a gym to get these benefits. Just about all forms of exercise, from Aerobic, to Resistance training, to Yoga or even Pilates can be done in the comfort of your home at minimal expense. Click this link for help with the best exercise equipment for use at home.

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