How e-cigarettes can be used to quit smoking – Can vaping help you anyway?

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Though the federal regulators didn’t still approve vaping as an aid for smoking cessation, it is nevertheless marketed by few as a life-altering strategy for the smokers who are trying their best to quit smoking. If you go through the testimonials written by people who have approved vaping as a successful aid to quitting smoking, you will find them to be rather charged emotionally. According to them, if it were not for electronic cigarettes, they would have probably died of smoking tobacco cigarettes.

If you’re someone who has been thinking of booking their first vape pen from online sites like, you should first know how they actually help you in quitting smoking. Do they allow you to inhale nicotine? Read on to know a bit more on e-cigarettes and vape pens.

Can e-cigarettes help in quitting smoking?

Majority of the researchers and health professionals agree to the fact that the electronic cigarettes and several other devices for vaping are less toxic than smoking combustible cigarettes due to the fact that they don’t contain tobacco. When this device is used as a total replacement, instead of adding them to your habit of smoking cigarettes, they are preferred as an alternative to the smokers who had success with different approaches that were shown medically.

But are they a worthy option for the smokers who wish to quit smoking or cut down on smoking? It is not always so and while there are few studies which found that the electronic cigarettes can help in reducing smoking, most of them show that they also sometimes don’t help in quitting cigarettes. This might be because of the fact that the e-cigarettes can even sometimes perpetuate the addiction to nicotine. The addictive qualities of smoking don’t just involve nicotine but also the environmental cues and behaviors related to smoking.

What should smokers do to quit smoking or cut back on smoking?

Keeping in mind the evidence which shows that electronic cigarettes are a primary smoking cessation aid, and the growing evidence which speaks about their risks, the safest approach is to speak to your doctor about the effective and proven cessation techniques. The US FDA has approved a variety of the products and they were determined that they’re effective and safe. E-cigarettes haven’t been approved by FDA for quitting smoking.

Therefore, whenever you’re thinking of quitting smoking, make sure you either choose vaping or smoking but you don’t choose both of them at the same time.

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