How do I choose a treadmill?

A treadmill is a huge and critical investment. Of all fitness equipment, a treadmill is preferred by many fitness professionals since it is easy to use and always gives great results. In addition, treadmills effectively help users to enhance their cardiovascular system, lose weight as well as strengthen their muscles. This extensive fitness equipment is also very costly hence the need to choose wisely. Selecting a good treadmill can be an uphill task due to the numerous choices available. Below is a step by step guide to help you buy a treadmill that suits your needs.

Decide on who will be using the machine

This will determine the quality and power of treadmill you should go for. For example a treadmill to be used by one individual weighing 110 lbs. will totally differ from one that is meant to be used by 5 family members weighing over 150lbs each.

Where you will put the treadmill

If you are restricted by space then buying a big treadmill is out of the question. However if you have adequate space then you can as well go for a huge commercial treadmill. Most small home owners opt for tiny foldable treadmills.

Consider your goals

Are you an athlete looking to strength train, a regular walker who simply wants a treadmill that will let you walk fast or you want to lose weight? All these factors will determine the type of treadmill you go for and the features it has.

Understand the various types of treadmills available in the market

This calls for more research from your side. Go online and know more about treadmills. Basically there are three types of treadmills available. They include:

Fold and store 

This is ideal for non-regular users or those with limited storage space.


The best thing with manual treadmills is their low prices. However you can only go as far as your effort and strength can allow you.


This is a bit expensive, but is much easier to operate.

Decide on where you will buy the treadmill

There are tons of positive treadmill reviews on manufacturers and retailers websites. This is the reason you should be careful when deciding on where to purchase a treadmill. Always work with an approved specialty fitness retailer. Look at the various brands they have and even the available financing options.

Look at the must have features of a treadmill

Ensure the treadmill has belt speed and safety key that works effectively. Check for the comfort and ease of use of the handrails or console grips.

The motor power and belt speed

The motor should be able to allow the belt to move efficiently and fast. Again this will depend on whether you intend to run or walk on the treadmill. For instance if you want to run faster and for long durations then get a treadmill with a powerful motor and high belt speed.

Belt size 

The belt size also determines the weight capacity. For example firm and stable machines equipped with long and wide belts are suitable for seasoned athletes as well as weighty people. Also ensure that the belt is easily adjustable.

Check the console and screen

The screen and console should have a large digital readout that makes it easy to operate. You should be able to locate and use common buttons like start and stop easily.

Check for the construction and suspension of the deck

The deck is a very important part of the treadmill. The manner in which the deck is constructed will determine whether the running surface is smooth or hard. Always go for smooth shock absorbing pads and more dense decks.

Look at the workout programs 

A treadmill should be able to offer different types of workout programs. For example preprogrammed, programmable or interactive workouts are some of the options you can choose from.

Entertainment features

Entertainment keeps you motivated and ensures you do not get bored during workout. Check if it has trays and ledgers where you can keep magazines and books. Other entertainment features include WIFI connections, digital televisions, and MP3 player docking stations.

Consider the cost

Cost is important especially if you are working on a budget. However the higher the quality of the treadmill the higher the cost. Most good quality treadmills range from around $800 and above.


Choosing a treadmill is one task you should never take for granted. Take your time and research as much as you can. Get genuine treadmill reviews given by customers who have previously bought and used the machine. Also since you are investing in an electronic machine make sure the seller gives a reasonable warranty.


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