How Central Florida Metals Creates the Best Spiral Ductwork

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Using premium aluminum and galvanized or stainless-steel coil, we produce some of the best custom spiral and snap lock ventilation air duct systems in the Orlando, FL area. Our ducts help move fresh air into your ventilation system while simultaneously shifting stale interior air outdoors.

What We Offer

We produce air ducts in spiral, oval, cylindrical, and snap lock designs to meet all of your ventilation needs, no matter if they are residential or industrial. You can also custom order our spiral ductwork to include:

  • Custom ducts with all required fittings such as bends, end caps, t-pieces, couplings, etc.
  • Airflow regulators such as VAV and CAV regulators as well as dampers
  • Fire retardants such as smoke/fire dampers and smoke valves
  • Sound attenuators, insulation, and flexible connectors
  • Suspension products such as support brackets, sealing tape, threaded rods, and screws, clamps, and rivets
  • Accessories such as louvres, added valves, or added diffusers

Sizing Your Ductwork

Spiral ductwork is usually sold at a standard length of 3 meters, however, we can produce any sized spiral ventilation duct between 500 mm and 12 m.

The diameter of your ductwork will depend on how much pressure your HVAC system needs to ventilate your interior. We can produce ductwork ranging from 0.08 meters to 1.6 meters thick.

For anything above 0.16 meters in diameter, we recommend adding corrugation to improve the overall structural integrity of your ventilation system.

Benefits of Spiral Ductwork

Compared to older rectangular ductwork, spiral ductwork is more airtight, meaning there are fewer spots where air can escape your ventilation system. With less potential for air loss, a spiral ductwork system is more energy-efficient and, therefore, more economical.

Using our custom snap locks, you’ll achieve a near air-tight seal, preventing air (and money) from seeping out of your HVAC system.

How to Get Started

Let us know how we can get started on your custom spiral ductwork by leaving your email or contacting us at +1 321-236-3874. We’re ready to upgrade and update your HVAC system with the best Orlando spiral ductwork.

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