How can you stay comfortable at home?

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We spend a lot of time at home, recharge ourselves for work every day, host parties, invite friends and family, but our house is the one place we take for granted the most. We enjoy at home whenever we are with friends but have we given thought to how to make our home more comfortable.

People spend an average of 60% of their lives at home, yet do we care for the quality of the time we spend at our homes?

Furniture makes our homes habitable and serves various purposes in our daily lives. That’s why you must buy good quality furniture which will serve the purpose of being ergonomically apt for your use. Furniture stores like King Living make sure that your furniture gives you the relaxation and ease you deserve to make your home comfortable.

Many things can make your house heaven on earth and help you relax whenever you are indoors without vexing you or making you feel like you would rather head out.

Good lighting is indispensable

Dim houses often give the feeling of illness and discomfort. Properly lighting the house is important for you to stay comfortable at home. Distribute the light well all around the house and regulate it with curtains or blinds.

Use bright or light blinds

Use curtains or blinds to regulate the light entering the rooms. Let natural light enter the house and use it throughout the day to refrain from using electricity unnecessarily.

Let the natural light enter the rooms in the morning and evening as the sunlight at these times is rich in vitamin D and have no harmful UV rays.

Use lights in the ceiling and uniformly distribute it for adequate lighting at home. Choose a system that allows the manual or automatic dimming or brightening of the intensity of light.

Keep your house clean

You can take many actions to get a pleasant home. The simplest way is to maintain cleanliness and order. Cleanliness and order are essential for comfort. Facilitate household cleaning by buying the necessary tools needed for proper cleaning and have intelligent equipment, such as an automatic vacuum cleaner.

Cleanliness is the key to a peaceful mind. Keep your house clean by simply putting everything on its place and encourage those who live with you to do the same.

Here are some tips to keep a clean and tidy home:

  1. Organise and plan cleaning tasks.
  2. Use effective, eco- friendly and non-toxic products.
  3. Have the necessary instruments to facilitate cleaning.
  4. Use 15 minutes a day to quickly order the spaces.
  5. Start with the bedrooms in the house, then bathrooms and kitchen.

Get a pet

Getting a pet is a great way to have a companion at home. Dogs make for the best pets and cats keep you busy in their cute little action here and there.

No clutter

Seeing our home filled with unnecessary objects and messy clutter gives us the same feeling of anxiety that unattainable tasks at work. Clear all the clutter from your living space to refresh your mind and make your home a comfortable haven to live.

Minimalistic approach

We tend to hoard stuff. That’s not all our fault because as a species, we tend to store things in case of emergencies. In the pre-historic times, hunters and gatherers searched for food and stored more than enough for the times when food was scarce.

But it’s not the pre-historic era anymore. Avoid hoarding stuff and follow a minimalistic approach, and you’ll be surprised to find how comfortable you’ll be at your home.

Creative interior design for a pleasant home

The design of the house is an important aspect of making the home more comfortable. A creative decorating style fills the spaces with vitality and manages to reflect personality to feel at ease.

While designing your house, two of the most important factors are harmony and balance. Connect all the environments of your home with the appropriate colours that generate visual impact and effect emotions differently.

Achieve more elegance and use neutral and light colours for modern and classic styles. Include different textures for rustic styles, revealing brick walls that will make a spectacular look. Include elements with a sense of belonging, self-interest that fresh imprint personality in the spaces.

Scented candles

Scented candles don’t just eliminate the bad smell, but they also generate pleasant aromas that you should breathe in when you’re at home. Scented candles won’t just look beautiful when they’re arranged and lit, but the essence you’ll burn will have an overall physiological effect on you. If you always use wax melts your house will have a signature smell.

Beautiful decoration

Don’t go overboard with decorative pieces because the more you’ll have, the more you’ll need to maintain. Put little souvenirs you got from your travels or the cute little decorative items you got as gifts.

Put pictures

To make your home more homely and to remember beautiful moments, nothing trumps putting pictures of the family, friends and that special someone around the house. Your home will become a comfortable place if you fill it with good memories. Decorate your home with photos of the last vacation or your friends of a lifetime. Forget about the typical photo frames on the table and make a big collage with your personalised style and frame it on the wall.


Make your home look and feel bigger by placing large wall mirrors without frames along the wall. It is always pleasant to see yourself at a glance while passing in front of the mirror, but you need to make sure that you don’t put small mirrors as they make the room look smaller.


The colour of your walls is a crucial element as the color has a prominent psychological effect. To make the rooms soothing and comfortable to be in, use lighter tones of colours

Store your sentimental belongings

It may sound outdated but having small cool boxes to store everything that is of sentimental value to you but does not go with the scheme of the rooms is a good idea.


It is our home where we feel better. It is our refuge, our place of rest, disconnection, relaxation and fun. These words might get you already be looking forward to getting home. Run a bath, relax and detoxify your mind and body from the hassles of the world. Your home is your haven so take care of it so it can take care of you.

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