How can you improve user experience on your website?

The internet is by far the most used resource that we have access to in the modern world. It is truly a gift. However, because most people have access to it there is an incredibly competitive market for website traffic. Do you currently have a website? Are you thinking about creating one? It’s incredibly easy to do given the amount of free and low-cost programs out there. If this is something in your future or something you are working on right now, it’s important that your customers can easily navigate your website. This will cause longer usage time and more than likely higher return rates. That might sound a bit vague, but the reality is; the easier it is to use your website, the more people will do so.

Make your website #1

As creators we want to showcase our best ideas and all our hard work on our sites. It doesn’t matter if you are a blogger, photographer, or entrepreneur. The way to keep people around looking at your awesome content, is to provide it in a way that is easily digestible. With an oversaturation of web pages that have identical functions, the key to success is to stand out both in aesthetic and user interface(UI).

If you don’t believe me then you can do a simple test yourself. Google search something you like. Be it a movie, music, clothes…it doesn’t matter too much what it is. Now, take a look at the amount of websites that come up. Click on a few of the top links. Next, go to the 10th page of results and click a few of those links. Now, compare the top sites to those on the 10th. You will see there is a significant difference in the navigation experience. Of course, the top sites might have paid advertising and things of that nature but still the quality is generally better. It’s why these come up first. This could be you, you just need to take a look at your website and be honest with yourself.


The most important aspect of a website is how good it looks. Really, I mean it. When you navigate to any website, the first action that occurs is your eyes receiving the visual information on the screen. This makes sight the primary sense being used when surfing around the internet. Now, there are all sorts of unique looks that websites can have, and the ability to customize to your liking is basically limitless. That being said, something to keep in mind is how noisy your page is. What I mean is, is it overwhelming or exhausting to look at your content?

Some domains, especially news sites, have a 1001 articles, links, and ads all over the place. This is a huge turn off for people because the average time spent on a website is 58 seconds. You have less than a minute to get users to click a link, subscribe, or whatever it is you want them to do. That’s pretty wild when you think about it. So if you can provide a tailored experience that is easy on the eyes, you’re in the green.


The second most important element of a website is how it feels to navigate. Is it clunky? Are the loading times long? If they are more than 5-10 seconds chances are people have already moved on. Websites like are easy to navigate on, are page speed optimized, visually attractive to the eyes, and the list goes on, that’s why they have good user interface.

Advertisements are great for the money, but too many and too prominents ads will cut your traffic significantly. It’s all got to be in balance. I know it sounds like a lot, but the formula is pretty simple. Make your website innovative in the experience it provides for users. Something you can do is search around and find websites that are doing the same thing you are but better, more fluid, interesting. Take a look at the top dogs and borrow from their ideas to create your own unique designs. Sound tough? It is, but that is the difference between the most searched websites and the ones on the 10th page. Starting is the hardest part, you’ll get the hang of it in no time.

Take a look around

All of the above considered, the two most important things to consider when crafting your website are:

  1. Aesthetic/How it looks
  2. User Interface/Experience

If you can nail these two things then it’s almost a guarantee your traffic will increase as will your profits, hopefully. The best advice I have is to take a look around at the top websites in your field. See what works, what they are doing that you can incorporate in your work. Then do it. I wish you luck my friends, and if you follow the notes above I have no doubt that you too will be a top dog.

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