How Can Yellow Sapphire Bring Good Luck to You?

As one of the most notable gemstones, Yellow Sapphire garners a lot of admiration and adulation. But, its beauty is not the only reason for its popularity. This gemstone, in fact, is also a carrier of good fortunes and luck, especially when your stars aren’t in your favor. That’s because Yellow Sapphire or Pukhraj stone represents the planet Jupiter according to Vedic astrology.

Impact of Planet Jupiter on Your Luck

Apart from being the biggest planet in the solar system, Jupiter is also a strong entity representing knowledge and philosophy. This planet is known for its ability to impart justice and provide wealth and status to its natives. It generally rules the houses of Sagittarius and Pisces.

People having these sun signs clearly benefit from the positive impact of the planet Jupiter if they wear Yellow Sapphire stone in any form. When Jupiter is afflicted due to a malefic planet in your birth chart, it can cause financial losses and humiliation. Yellow Sapphire stimulates the positive energies of Jupiter and reduces the negativities from its aura in your horoscope.

Does Yellow Sapphire bring Good Luck to Your Life?

Jupiter is the ruling planet of Yellow Sapphire gemstone. As such, it gives its blessings to those who wear pure and natural Yellow Sapphire rings, necklaces, bracelets, or any other type of jewelry. So, it is true that this gemstone can bestow its wearer with good fortune and loads of luck. These are the ways in which it changes your life.

1. Yellow Sapphire Brings Financial Prosperity

As a stone of good luck, Yellow Sapphire improves your financial status and brings prosperity to your life. This stone not only helps achieve success in your professional endeavors but also offers a luxurious lifestyle. You can obtain both financial and professional success by wearing a genuine and high-quality Yellow Sapphire stone.

2. Pukhraj Pushes Your Good Fortune Further

When life weighs you down, you can rely on a gemstone like Yellow Sapphire as it works as a bearer of good fortune. This stone carries luck wherever you go. If you struggle with your life and career, Pukhraj can change your luck and push it in the right direction.

3. It Increases the Intellect and Wisdom

Good fortune is often tied to your wisdom and intellectual capabilities. Yellow Sapphire benefits on both these counts due to its association with the planet of knowledge, Jupiter. Wearing a Pukhraj is highly beneficial for students and those who are looking to advance their careers in a creative field. If you are working in an industry that requires substantial intellectual prowess, wearing Yellow Sapphire can help you achieve your goals with greater wisdom.

4. Brings Name and Popularity

With increased luck and higher wisdom, you can experience a lot of fame and popularity in your life. Yellow Sapphire not only increases your knowledge but also attracts respect in society due to your intellectual abilities.

5. Maintains Healthy Relationships

Despite wealth and status, poor relationships can put a damper on your happiness and contentment in life. Here also, you need good luck to take your relationships in the right direction. This is where you need a strong gemstone such as Yellow Sapphire. It represents healthy relationships and helps to remove the friction between two people.

How to Choose the Right Yellow Sapphire for Good Luck?

You’ll get all these Yellow Sapphire astrological benefits and lots of good luck in your life if you choose the right type of gemstone. Remember, the market is flooded with cheap imitations of precious gemstones. These fake gems might be cheaper but they do not carry the same metaphysical properties and features as the original untreated gemstones. So, choose genuine quality Yellow Sapphires for good fortune. You can also consider buying Yellow Sapphire Gemstone Online. Here are all the things to consider:

1. Look at the Origin of the Stone

The major places of origin of Yellow Sapphire include Sri Lanka, Thailand, Myanmar, and Madagascar. These are the places where the quality natural Yellow Sapphires are mined with their superior color and clarity. Ceylonese Yellow Sapphires are known for their brilliant canary yellow shade that fetches high prices.

2. Look at the Color

The shades of Yellow in Pukhraj stone varies from pale yellow to deeper hues. The brighter the color, the higher is the Yellow Sapphire price. For astrological purposes, bright lemon yellow shade is the best variety of Yellow Sapphire.

3. Look at the Clarity

Every natural gemstone has inherent inclusions or flaws that make them look more genuine. A Yellow Sapphire with no inclusions at all can be a synthetic stone. So, you should look for the stones that are clear to the eyes. These are eye-clean gemstones with little inclusions that are not visible to the naked eye. These inclusions are generally the natural crystal growths and they are unavoidable. However, steer away from the stones having surface blemishes like chips or scratches.

4. Look at the Luster

The unique vitreous luster of Yellow Sapphires truly sets them apart from other precious gemstones. The luster is the collective influence of cut, color, and clarity of a gemstone. So, if a stone shines beautifully under the lights, it has brilliant luster while a dull Pukhraj is totally ineffective on all counts.

How to Wear Pukhraj for Good Luck?

If you are impressed with the beauty and cosmic properties of Yellow Sapphire stones, prefer wearing them in the form of a ring or other jewelry. Get your Pukhraj jewelry in high-quality metals like gold, sterling silver, or platinum.

Seek guidance from a renowned astrologer to select the right stone and metal. Remember, Yellow Sapphire can be an excellent talisman supporting your capabilities and carrying an ability to change your life for the better. So, choose the best quality of gemstone and cleanse it properly before carrying it on your body.

Yellow Sapphire should be worn on the index finger of the right hand on the Thursday morning of the waxing moon phase. Follow the right procedure for wearing Pukhraj stone so that you’ll get the maximum benefit of this gem in your life.

This is everything you need to know about the impact and benefits of wearing gemstones like Yellow Sapphire. Prefer buying Yellow Sapphire Gemstone Online from a trusted store like that provides free lab certification and detailed catalogs with each gemstone.

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