Hot Weather Makeup Tips You Need to Know

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Hot weather is always a blessing if you’re ready to show off your gym-honed body and tanned legs, but what most of us discover pretty fast is that hot weather and makeup are a bad combination. You may be able to hide your skin flaws with some foundation in winter, but once the weather heats up, all bets are off. When the weather is hot enough to melt the roads, it’s time to switch things around. Here’s what you need to know.

Protecting Your Skin

Hot weather means lots of sunshine. That means you need to protect your skin from UV rays. Too much sun is seriously bad for your skin. It speeds up the aging process, leading to fine lines and wrinkles. Since you won’t want this, plenty of sun protection is in order.

Look for makeup with added UV protection. Many good quality day moisturizers come with added UV protection, so use this as your base. Oil-free products are best in hot weather – You can find some excellent examples at If you want to forgo foundation, look for a tinted moisturizer with UV protection included.

Makeup Primer

Hot weather makes us sweat, so makeup has a hard time staying in place. Red, shiny cheeks are not a good look, whatever the weather. Invest in a good quality primer to hold your makeup in place. Use this as your base, after a layer of moisturizer.

Keep it Light and Fresh

Unless you’ve stayed out of the sun, your face will have some color. Use this to your advantage. A lightly tanned complexion doesn’t need a heavy foundation. Use a concealer if you have any blemishes but stick to tinted moisturizer to even out your skin tone and correct shine using a light dusting of face powder. Less is always more in hot weather.

Control the T-Zone

Hot weather has the unfortunate side effect of making us sweat more, which is worse if you are prone to oily skin. Keep some tissues in your purse to mop up any unsightly shine. A translucent powder compact is also handy.


Bronzer is a quick and easy way to look healthy and add definition to your face, even if your skin is pale and you don’t have cheekbones like Angelina Jolie. When using bronzer, don’t go overboard. Too much bronzer looks fake. Instead, use it sparingly to accentuate your nose, cheeks, and forehead. Aim for a natural look, not a reality TV look.

Light, Natural Colors

Heavy, dark colors don’t suit hot weather. Thick kohl eyeliner and cream eyeshadow will melt into lines. Light, pale powder eyeshadow clings on longer and looks more natural. Use nude shades and avoid dark lipsticks and eye palettes. Aim for sun-kissed not Rocky Horror Picture Show.

Makeup for Summer Nights Out

It’s OK to switch up your color palette when the sun goes down. More vibrant colors look great when your skin is nicely tanned, and you have blonde highlights in your hair. Experiment with fun new shades for a more youthful look.

Keep some essentials in your purse and touch up your makeup throughout the day.

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