Home with art? This way you can seamlessly include it in your interior

home with art

Are you a real art lover? The processing of art in the home goes very well with basic colors. With art you add an extra layer to the interior. Vary in shape, size and material and let the colors black, white and gray have their say.

Use harmonious colors

Try hanging art with colors that harmonize with the background wall, but still make a statement. This ensures that it blends nicely into the room without going unnoticed. Large works of art are best hung in rooms with more space so that people can admire them from afar.


A collage of drawings and posters of figures and silhouettes together form a beautiful whole. Organically shaped design classics, such as the Tulip Chairs by Saarinen, connect seamlessly with the flowing lines in the artworks.

Without frame

A large painted linen canvas, as in the photo above, immediately catches all the attention. By leaving out a frame, you prevent the living room from looking like a museum. The fact that the furniture is a mix of round, soft and elegant makes the look of the work of art extra powerful.

home with art

Home with art

Art that is moving

Art in the home does not have to hang quietly on the wall.  Some sculptures are constantly moving and changing shape. A side table with its flowing design also participates in this play of form and movement.

Artistic wallpaper

Wallpaper as a wall-filling work of art as in the above right-hand photo, that is also possible! The gray and black tones, set up in watercolor, seem like an abstract vista.

Living room

Always the most obvious option to show something fun! The living room is an acclaimed place to hang an artwork because it is usually the most used room in a house. This means that you can get the most out of your artwork by giving everyone a chance to view and admire it regularly. Common places to display art in the living room are the focal points as the wall space above a couch, mantelpiece, mantelpiece, credenza or couch. Get creative by nailing some art to an open shelf, or side wall that seems too plain.

Home with art 

Instead of hanging paintings or photos, there is another way to decorate your home with art, namely by leaning works of art. Smaller pieces can look nice against bookshelves or in frames on the mantelpiece. Larger pieces can simply be propped up on the floor against furniture. If you’re lucky enough to have a large collection, try layering it up using these images as inspiration.

Now that you know about the many options for hanging art at home, you can get a trendy interior with your artistic taste.


Source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fmOY4lXvVeg

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