Home, Neat Home: Impressing Potential Buyers

potential buyers

If there’s one thing harder than deciding on the new home you want to buy, it’s managing to sell your old one. You’d think that the minute you put up the For Sale sign, you’d have people knocking your door down for a chance at snatching up your property. This is likely a place where so many of your memories were made, whether they were shared with your partner, family or friends.

Of course, to a potential buyer, this is just a house. It’s a house which could become a home, but first and foremost, it’s just bricks and mortar to them. They’ll be looking for the potential to turn it into something which they could call their own, but they’re not going to see all the sentimental aspects that you see. They’re going to see the furnishings, paintwork, space, modernity and general maintenance of the place. If those things aren’t up to scratch, you’re going to struggle to reel in keen buyers.

Just because the housing market is tricky at the moment and people are scrambling to find good properties in good locations, that doesn’t mean you’ve already got it all made for you. If you want to ensure you’re selling your old home for the best price you can possibly muster, then you need to ensure you’re presenting a neat, tidy and modern home to all potential buyers who take a look at your property. Here are some neat tips for creating a neat home.

You don’t have to do it all alone.

Even if you’re a property developer, it helps to find the right estate agent for the job. It’s tempting to tackle a home renovation project by yourself, especially if it’s a profitable venture for you, but that doesn’t mean you can tackle the housing market by yourself. Real estate is a tricky, ever-changing and stressful business. You need a little marketing help, and that’s what a real estate agent can offer. They know the market better than you, so you need their help to sell your property.

You might have done a lot of work on the house already, but potential buyers don’t know that if you’re not presenting this fantastic property to them through the right platforms. You need an agent who understands the modern market, including online marketing of properties, because it’s a changing world, and you need to stay ahead of the game. Ensure you’re being charged a fair fee, and weigh up the options in your area. This shouldn’t be a decision you’re rushing into.

Do something with that garage.

For you, the garage might have been a place for all your tools and projects or simply storage for all the excess gear which couldn’t be squeezed into the house. To a potential buyer, however, a messy garage just looks like a burden to them. Of course all the gear will be moved before they move in, but it’s hard for people to visualise what they can do with a space unless they see space. You could clear out the garage, or you could go one step further and convert it into some kind of entertainment room. Quirky and unique rooms really stand out in the minds of potential buyers.

Spruce up the rooms with new furnishings where necessary.

Above all else, of course, the interior of the house is the most important thing when you’re trying to sell a property. That’s what homeowners are looking for. You’ve lured them in, and now you have to find a way to catch them. You could look into some new furniture for bedrooms and other rooms in the house, just to really cement the impression you make on potential buyers. You’ll likely be taking lots of your possessions to your new home, unless you’re a property developer and you simply bought this place to give it a makeover and sell it on. Regardless, it’s the interior of a house which truly makes an impression on buyers. Even if you’ve got a lovely property, those old, worn sofas and the knackered oven aren’t doing you any favours.

Space, pricing and a good back garden are all important factors, but a house with sleek, modern furnishings generally captivates buyers in a way that the very same house could not if it was fitted with outdated sofas and cabinets or it was simply unfurnished. Clever interior design works on a subconscious level, in a sense, because a well laid-out house with open space and minimalist design helps give potential buyers a vision of what they could do with the place. The more space, the more there is for them to add. People like knowing that they’re investing in a modern house, but at the same time they like to know that they can alter a property to transform it into their own home.

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