Home Improvement Ideas To Get The Neighbors Talking


Let’s be honest here, many people like to chat with their neighbors about what might be going in some of the surrounding homes. A lot of that talk is the subject of the property itself. You will find that neighbors will discuss one of two things, either how bad the property is looking, or how amazing it is looking. So while many of us who are house proud would rather people talking about how great our property looked, here are some of the sure fire way to get those tongues wagging.

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Make sure you interior design has the wow factor

Sometimes it isn’t just about the exterior or curb appeal of your property, it’s more about the inside and how it looks. So interior design is a vital finishing point of any property and home. So if you want to ensure you have the wow factor then why not consider getting professionals in to decorate and paint your home. Experts in this area would be able to fit wall paper seamlessly and offer a polished paint finish. Another tip would be to use companies like Hunter Furniture to source some unique pieces for the rooms in your property. This could certainly give your property the designer feel.

Consider extending your property to increase the square footage

Sometimes the only way to get people talking is to extend your property. This could potentially add increasing value to your home and subsequently surrounding properties. An extension could be anything from a conservatory being added to a full two-story extension to the side or the rear. This will add value to the property and also enable you to perhaps change the layout in which each room forms. You will suddenly get an influx of visitors wanting to check out the renovations.

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Renovate some of the major rooms in your home

If there isn’t the chance of extending the property, then there are some other improvements you could make. Why not focus on two of the major rooms in the home? The bathroom and kitchen. Both of these rooms can be expensive to renovate, but they can certainly add value when done right. A kitchen can easily be seen as the hub of the home, and can often be a place where you entertain guests to your home. Especially if there is food involved. Renovating these rooms will certainly get your neighbors talking, and offers you an excuse to invite them round to showcase your new home.

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Make sure your landscaping and interior is the best on the street

Finally, it isn’t just about the interior, but the exterior can certainly make an impression on the people around you. Especially as it can add value to their own homes if you have made an effort to improve your homes curb appeal. This means landscaping could be a high priority for you. But you could also make smaller changes like painting windows and doors, trimming hedges and clearing any debris from the front of your home.

I hope these ideas inspire you to make some changes to your home.

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