Holographic Fashion | Holographic Packaging Is All the Rage Again!

holographic fashion

If you are a big fan of style and always chase the updated hot issues, holographic fashion must not be strange to you. Getting started in 2013 and being brought back since 2018, the holographic fashion has still been trendy in the fashion world. What’s more, the fashion has brought a tremendous effect on packaging as well. Whether you are the people pursuing the latest fashion or whether you are not, you will not want to miss this fashion feast. See how holographic packaging conquers the world.

What is holographic fashion?

In the era when a space-age style rebirth occurs and shiny hues are big news, the holographic design comes into the trend. Giving out a very futuristic vibe, the foil-effect fabric has taken the fashion scenes by a storm. In this trend, fashion gets into a mood of reflection and is a lot brighter, just like rainbow meets metallic. Iridescent colors are everywhere this year.

Things popular with holographic fashion

The holographic trend is not just limited to clothing alone, but it is also seen in accessories, footwear, nails, makeup, and even packaging. So, now it’s time for you getting ready to shine.

Clothes: the whole body in holographic color gives out a sense of sumptuousness, and sometimes it could be a representative of technology feeling, which is cool and fashionable among the crowds. The sense given out will change with the primary color of the holographic design.

Accessories: Those small things with the holographic design will actually enhance the whole attraction and make everything more absorbing. You don’t need the entire holographic clothing design, but these little gadgets could help to level up the dressing style. For instance, the holographic shoulder bags from Chanel have won high reputation among the youngsters.

Shoes: Wearing holographic shoes is like mastering fashion everywhere. A dazzling street guy will come into sight if you wear those shoes. Adidas is a great example to apply the holographic fashion to its new skate shoes.

Nails: There are no girls who can resist the temptation of such shiny fashion, which sets off the brightness of your hands even better.

holographic fashion

Holographic packaging

Holographic design could be used not only in the fashion field; it is hitting the cosmetic packaging market as well. The holographic tube is actually a kind of luxury packaging, giving off a sense of high-level.

Take the cosmetic tubes from AUBER for example. Its holographic tube goes perfectly with the sense of leisure and luxury, which is the essence delivered by the cosmetics. This dazzling appearance adds value to the cosmetics and best convey the beauty and fashion. As a “tube man”, AUBER achieves holographic design on cosmetic tubes in several ways. For example, it can print holographic foil on a plastic squeeze tube directly via hot stamping. Besides, it can print other complicated graphics on a high gloss tube.

Why holographic design is in fashion

Minimalism with changes: People nowadays incline minimalism and don’t prefer something abundant or complicated. That’s what holographic style achieved. The holographic color is something with single colors, but the changes of lights could result in various effects. Instead of making people dizzy, holographic fashion manages to achieve changes ingeniously.

Eye-catching: Unlike some dark color, this bright color with multiple changes is attractive, easy to catch others’ eyes, even if you only bring a little stuff as for decoration.

Sense of technology: The materials and the lights reflected on the holographic packaging convey something unique and mysterious. A sense of technology and the futuristic feeling could be found in this color.

Lively and youth: Just like the bright colors such as yellow and red, this is also a color representing life and vigor. What’s more, with its uniqueness and shiny feeling, it’s somehow a sign of rebellion, showing that people are reluctant to chase the mainstream and seek individuality instead.

Take the first try at holographic design; you could start by using the holographic packaging. Cosmetic tube packaging with such design is on sale with a discount from AUBER, and you can even customize the cosmetic tubes to meet your needs.

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