Hollywood actor Oxana Lovich talks goals, and her latest film with Thomas C. Howell


When we first stumbled upon this beauty, we were captivated by her beautiful big eyes, and ability to truly spark emotion throughout her acting roles.

I did some research and I found that you were born in St. Petersburg Russia; how did you end up in Los Angeles?
I always dreamt about moving to Los Angeles. So while attending university, I received my visa, and my intuition ended up bringing me here.

That’s interesting! Well from the looks of your resume, it looks like following your intuition has helped you secure work. In one of your movies, you worked with Thoms C. Howell, how was that experience?
That was an amazing experience for me. He played my husband, so we worked together a lot. He’s an amazing actor and a very kind person, so working with him was a blessing.

Since then have you two remain in contact?
No we don’t because he has a girlfriend and I didn’t think that would be a good thing to do.

That’s a totally understandable reason not to, and since we are on the topic of significant others, who is your celebrity crush?
[Gasps, as she has been waiting forever to answer this question] I love Bruno Mars.


How have you managed relationships in the industry?
I’ve managed well, because I believe relationships in general are vital to being successful.
If one area of your life isn’t working, then I think that your life maybe in- balanced, everything should be balanced health, work, and relationships, to be successful it all has to come full circle.


What was your favorite movie to work on? And what made it enjoyable?
I would say Mac Daddy’s Vegas Adventure, because I had so many different scenes. We shot around Vegas, bars, and Mansions. I felt like a different person in each one. Plus I got to dance in one of my last scenes, and dancing is one of my favorite things to do second to acting.

Well for the last question, what is next for you in your career? Where do you see your career going?
Everyday I’m improving. That’s an interesting question because I really never think ‘what’s next’ because I’m so happy in the now. I’m constantly working, the whole time I just put all my whole energy into acting. I just enjoy it so much, that’s why I don’t think about what’s going to be. I just know it’s going to be amazing.

Oxana Lovich IMDB profile: http://www.imdb.com/name/nm5765557/?ref_=nmmi_mi_nm

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